Thursday, November 03, 2005

What I learned about Wisconsin during my first ever visit and long two day stay there:
  1. Not as many people speak with the Fargo accent than I had hoped.
  2. The state is completely flat. As one person put it, "flat as pee on a plate." What does that even mean??
  3. They know how to drink. There a Bloody Mary is served in a beer glass and is followed by a cocktail chaser of beer.
  4. Newly erect Walmarts require outdated and stupid traffic circles.
  5. Rush hour traffic looks like this:
  6. Most people there are closet Viking fans...Who would have guessed?
  7. They get a whole week off for school at the start of the hunting season, not just one day (I realize people outside of PA might not get any. As someone who has never hunted, I enjoyed the free day off from school to sleep).
  8. The people there give you cheese. Lots and lots and lots of cheese. I don't like cheese . . .

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Andy said...

Yeah, Wisconsin doesn't have the same accent as the Fargo movie people. Minnesota and North Dakota are where the accent is more prevalent. Wisconsin has more the Katie Kennett/extreme nasal style accent in my experience. You know, like "Wiscahnsin."