Friday, October 31, 2003

Fixed the moisture probe and I think that's the last you'll hear about that. I'll tell ya, if there's one thing I could to you forever about, it's moisture probes. And if there's two things I could tell you about, it would be moisture probes and scoreboards. Oh the joys of scoreboards! But the weekend has come. Gary's down in Delaware watching the anual Pumkin Chunkin' event. Ashley's at home ripping down dry wall. And I get to spend another whole weekend with Kate. It was supposed to be spent with Vikki and Roman as well, but some minor complications [James caughs, "Tim's mother"] prevented us all from hanging out. You'd think a 22 year would say, "No mom, not this weekend, I already have plans" to his mother, but then again I thought I could drive in the rain. What will next weekend hold????

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Today was a rather dull day. Again complications from moisture probes, but at a different location. Luckily, we fixed one problem, but that lead to the next. So at least I'll have something to work on for tomorrow. No incidents running again. Although, that dead raccoon is mentioned before is still there. It's very flat, and very on the side of the road. I would think that the Amish would ride by and pick it up, make a hat or of it or something, but it may be a little late for that.

So, if you know me, you know I love Star Wars. And of course the galaxy doesn't end with the movies. Of course not, as Andy pointed out, they even have Star Wars urinal cakes. Oh the joys of living. You laugh, but there could be nothing more satisfying that peeing onto the Imperial logo. Of if only Luke Skywalker could see me now. And there was more Han and Leia "action" in the lastest Star Wars: New Jedi Order novilization. Honestly, I know that is not needed. I mean, it doesn't go into detail, but when I'm all hyped up about Wedge Antilles and the trap he has fallen into in the Bilbringi System, knowing that Han and Leia are "polishing the lightsaber" so to speak does not make the book better.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I miss the drama that unfolds at school. I feel like I'm out of the loop. Plus, watching drama unfold is like my own personal sitcom at my friend's expense. But, everything gets back to normal eventually and everyone takes their turn as lead role.

So on the plus side, tonight was Ed night. What can make Ed night even better? Watching it with your friend Julie who's been in the hospital for 7 seven months and just got home! She seemed so happy to be home. It was good to spend time with her again. Hopefully now I'll have someone to hang out with here in the cove. So let's see a raise of hand for people who think Ed and Carol will stay in NYC. Yeah my thoughts exactly. I will say this, Mike Burton was on top of his game tonight. I can always appreciate the character who just throws insults at people. I don't know why . . .

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I almost forgot today's computer tip. In case you didn't know, I learn these "tips" at my job. Frankly, I don't know where people come up with this stuff, but it does work. And besides, I hardly think you'll ever need to use them.

Today's Computer Tip: If you're having trouble with your Epson LQ-570e printer because it keeps telling you it's out of paper when it really isn't. Don't fret. Simply tilt the front end of the printer approximately three inches off the table and let it drop. The Out-of-Paper light turns off and you're back in business! This may not work for other models and brands of printers.
So I ran for the first time since The Accident, and it felt pretty good. The Headache finally dwindled enough for me to tolerate my head bobbing up and down. But it felt good to get out and do something again. And no scary horse charging at me with nasty snot dripping from his nose. Although I'm not too keen on this standard time. I now run into the sunset on my way back home. It's nice, and I see more Amish people every day, but I just can't work up that sweat if the sun ain't blastin' down on me!

And how about those crazy lunch ladies winning 95 million playing Power Ball??!! It almost makes me want to be a lunch lady. Notice I said ALMOST. I think I'd eat most of the food if I worked with it. Besides, someone's got to make sure those concrete and blacktop plants keep pumpin' out their stuff. And who else is going to listen to Gary's crazy ideas and actually work on them? Sorry middle schoolers, but Jimmy is needed elsewhere for now. Give Vikki a call though, I hear she makes good chicken salad and baked apples. Hmmm, I never had that kind of meal at school . . .

Monday, October 27, 2003

So, I'm reading my National Geographic and I come across an interesting article on high-tech surveillance. Being an engineer (and I can say that now because I am) I am fascinated with technology, but I'm also very cautious. I was astonished when I read about the NSA's 560-acre satellite dish array in Menwith Hill, England. Experts say that with this dish network, the agency's supercomputers can scan millions of ordinary phone calls and e-mails an hour. That's hundreds of millions of calls and letters a week! If my calculations are correct, then once a year at least every single person on this planet has been monitored at least once! And that's just by the United States! As I sit right here and type this blog, who's to say the U.S. did not just intercept that e-mail I just sent? Keep that in mind next time you're talking to girlfriend or typing an e-mail about world domination.

I'm adding a new segment to my blog called, "Freddy Says." Freddy is the code name I'll use for a guy who works at one of The Company's blacktop plants. I don't want to embarrass anyone on this blog you know by giving out real names. Anywho, I see Freddy every now and then when he's got some little aspect of the blacktop application he wants changed or he blows an opto out. Freddy always has some funny comment to say. Although he's dead serious about it, I think it's about the funniest thing I've heard since the last time I saw him. So, this is how it goes . . .

Freddy says, "Don't try and be a hero, but wend up becoming a zero."
Freddy says, "If I ever screw someone over, it'll be big! Why go to jail for something small, when you can go to jail for doing some big?"
Freddy says, "Oh I'm not screwing you over, your wife maybe, but not you."

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Well, my hopes for Penn State and the Stillers are fading fast. I really have nothing to comment on about Penn State. Why Joe Pa remains the head coach is beyond me. Maybe he still has coaching left in him, but when you one of your players gets arrested for driving under the influence, as a coach, you sure as heck don't just say, "Ah kids will be kids." Over to pro now, why Jerome Bettis is still in the game is also beyond me. His second fumble in two games may have cost them the game. I understand he didn't make a fumble for a ton of games before two weeks ago, but he should NOT be giving up one every game to make up for it. It always comes to down to a few catches, it's just too bad Maddox is having issues throwing them. But, oh well. My true joy this weekend was watching the Evil Empire lose! I'm amazed with the fact that Josh Beckett, who is only 23 (one year older than I) I might add, could still throw a 95 MPH fast ball in the 9th inning. I can't even throw a 95 MPH fastball once! But then again, I am not a pro ball player.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Well, the total fine comes to $112.00. Which actually was a lot less than I had figured it would come to. Now, the fine confuses me slightly because of all the different moneys involved. According to my letter, the actually fine was only $25 but then, there was an "other" cost and then a "cost" cost. So, I don't really know what was going on there. That's what Mom, The Ex-Paralegal is for.

On a better note, there are white lines outside on the lawn. Why is this good you ask? Well that means the cable dudes will be coming early next week to hook up my zoom zoom! My dad isn't too thrilled mainly because there are lots of white lines and that means lots of digging. My dad is a lawn freak! He's got to have the greenest lawn in the city. I told him not to worry because the snow would cover it all, but that didn't really make him too much happier. Let's just hope things get done THIS time.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

So now I'm "Vision Man." What does this mean? It means that I am in charge of coming up with a way of using cameras to monitor stone coming off of a cold feed belt and determining what the percent make-up of stone that conveyer belt has. Why was I chosen for this? I have absolutely no idea what-so-ever. I've never even heard about vision systems until a few weeks ago! Personally I think Gary (he's the big engineering head guy) is putting a little too much faith in me. But, I am Batman, so we'll see what happens.

I don't know what is better, going to Buffalo, or not going to Buffalo. What in the HECK am I talking about? Well, the company I work for has a plant in Buffalo, NY. The company also has a nice jet. I was supposed to fly in it this coming Monday, along with Ashley to install some new equipment and get familiar with the plants. So, flying in a private jet; very cool. But, once Gary found out that both Ashley and myself were going, he put a stop to that because if the plane were to crash, he'd lose both his automation gurus. So, being looked at as a guru; also very cool. So, now no Buffalo on the private jet, but my day in the sun, err . . . air, will come soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I don't get it. Why do you have to go to the doctor or the the ER to get stitches taken out? I mean, its not as though the stitches are under the skin or even surrounded in oozing blood and bodily fluids. Of course not. All there is to it is a little snip-snip and pull. So, with this in mind I decided to take my own stitches out. I figure if Liz can ask me to take hers out, why does a doctor need to take mine out? Doctor Jimmy to the rescue! Actually it was sort of fun. My mom and dad weren't too happy but I think it was fine. And it feels sooooooo much better. It's a good thing I have my super healing abilities. I'm kind of like Wolverine but without the metal inside of me.

In other news, I drove my new car home today. It's nice. Feels just like my old one, only a little faster, so no complaints there. Let's just hope this one lasts me a little longer. I'm liking the MP3 player in it though. And it can even set the time automatically! How cool is that! Oh the joys of technology!

Finally, can't leave without talking about ED. Very very good! So it seems that Molly is now a certified "playa." And as always, Warren J. Cheswick was hilarious! That is one talented actor! Does anyone else think he and Ross from Friends are the same person?

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Well, I buckled down and bought a car. I wasn't planning on doing this for at least another 7 years. And although I didn't branch out of my confort zone like Kate said I should, I did end up getting a pretty nice silver Cavalier. Hopefully I'll be driving it home from the dealership tomorrow after work. I must admit I'm a little nervous about driving again. Mainly in the rain. I guess that will pass in time.

So I'm not a Will and Grace fan at all, but I think I may be watching it this week only because James Earl Jones is in it and talking like a gay man. Well, I'm told that the Marlins are winning 1-0 so now I must go and route against the evil Yankees.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Well, I made the Bedford newspaper. I'm not really happy about that mainly because the small blurb makes it sound like I was driving out of control and any moron in my shoes would have never hit that police car. Whatever. I'm sure it helps my case that not far away was a blurb about a 19 year old girl, also driving a 1997 Chevy Cavalier, crashed at the same location merely 30 minutes before my crash. Apparently editors aren't smart enough around here to put two and two together. Oh well, I still stand by the fact that if that cop would have been in a better position visually I wouldn't have hit the brakes and everything would have been fine. Oh well. The article about me does mention how I hit the brand new 2003 Ford Crown Victoria trooper car. I find that humorous. Maybe next time he won't park so close to a telephone pole and be a little more out in the open, not ready to freak you out just after the top of the hill.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Wow! I think more people called me in the past two days than in the past two months! Some of the phone calls, like the one with the state police and the ones with my auto insurance company were not as enjoyable as the ones with all my friends. A side note; my mom phoned in about 50% of the total phone calls. But things are looking up right now. I get to go back to work tomorrow and hopefully put everything behind me, but keeping in mind the lesson I learned.

So why are the Yankees (yeah that's right, they don't even deserve a weblink anymore on my page) winning right now? Because they suck that's why! Go ahead and even try to follow that logic.

So, here's a little taste of the Cove. A lot of people 'round these parts enjoy riding four-wheelers. Now I don't care too much for them mainly because my best-friend-in-elementary-and-junior-high-school's was killed riding a four-wheeler. So I have never really had the urge to ride one. Families around here on the other hand. . . Well, here's my story. I'm outside today cutting the grass. I'm minding my own business making nice straight parallel lines so Pops doesn't get upset. Suddenly, the neighbors down the block drive by in their four-wheeler. No big deal right? Well, sitting on the back is Dad, sitting in front of him is Mom, in front of her is Daughter Jane, and in front of her is Fido the Dog. Now I'm pretty sure they don't make family four-wheelers. They're called four-wheelers not four-seaters. Then again you're not going to find the smartest people here in the Cove.


The picture of the millennia!

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Tim pointed out to me that one good thing of "the crash" as it has come to be known is that I get a new car. Well, I kind of liked my old one and I feel as though it can never be replaced. We had some good times. He got me to high school and back for two years, to college and back for 4 years. He even got me in and out of New York City a dozen times or more. We've seen at least 10 different states and enjoyed many friend-filled journeys. I'll miss you 1997 Red Cavalier!

So now I need to find a new Jimmy-mobile. So far I've got it narrowed down to a new Cavalier and a used Alero. Both have their pros and cons. I like the simplicity of the Cavalier. No fancy buttons or features. Don't get me wrong, I love gadgets and stuff but sometimes I just need to get away from it all. The Alero on the other hand and tons of power stuff and is safer, but it is a little bit bigger. So we'll see what happens I guess. I need to just suck it up and choose one. Things always work out in the end anyway.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Well, if you know me, you know my opinion about luck and how I have none. I think today just about proves my point. The day started off on the wrong foot to begin with, what with the Sox losing last night and all. So, although I don't really view the weather as bad luck, it was raining today so it wasn't the best of days. So I head out of work early so I can get to Messiah College for homecoming in time to go find a costume or something, when my bad luck streak hits! Bad luck #1: I see a cop with his flashers on. Back luck #2: roads are wet. Bad luck #3: i hit the brakes and begin sliding on the road. Bad luck #4: I slide right into the cop car pushing it into a telephone. Bad luck #5: glass from my window spews all over my face! Bad luck #6: the air bag doesn't deploy. Bad luck #7: I'm dragged out of my car on a stretcher are rushed off to the hospital. Bad luck #8: I get 4 stitches on my chin, some glue to the nose and to the forehead. Final back luck #9: my car is border-line ruined and I miss all the fun at school this weekend. Now some would say how "lucky" I am that I survived, but I had my seatbelt belt on and wasn't going 90 mph so I'd be pretty darn upset if I hadn't survived.

So here I sit wondering what's going on back at school with my face looking like I went 3 rounds with Evander Hollifield. Let's analyze why this could have happened. Reason #1: I think I'm the best driver in the world! Why would rain make me drive more cautiously? Reason #2: I left early. If I had left work at my normal time, not a problem. Why? Because of Reason #4: cops with their lights flashing causes anyone, no matter who you are, to hit the brakes. Reason #5: the cop strategically places his car on a sharp curve/hill so that it can only be seen when you're 50 feet away from it. Reason #6: Some girl had run off the road 30 minutes before I made my presence known, which was why the cop was there. Final reason: I have bad luck! There's just no other way around it. I guess the one good thing is that even though my glasses flew off at the point of impact and landed who knows where well away from my stopped vehicle, the girl that had crashed before me found them and gave them back. So I can see for the time being, even though they're pretty scratched up.

So let's rap things up on the plus side with reasons to be grateful. Reason #1: I'm alive (let attribute that to my seat belt Amy Hall!). Reason #2: I was wearing a sweat shirt keeping the glass from cutting up my arms. Reason #3: I wore my glasses, and even though they flew off, they did keep my eyes from getting cut up. Reason #4: I got Pizza tonight for dinner. And the final reason: well, let me know what you think about that. Let's hope the pillows tonight stay white!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

It's Rally Time!

My Rally Visor and Rally Shirt. Let's Cowboy Up!!
So here's something ironic. I just got done reading Andy's blog for yesterday and he tells me to "watch out for the buggies." Well Andy, that advice came a little too late! By the way, how about "Brown Town?" What does that have to do with things? Well, there are lots of farms, and with farms com cow, and with cows come, well, I think you know.
So, I got home from work and went for a run today. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are Run-days. I'm at about the 1.5 mile mark when all the sudden there's a horse and buggy coming straight at me. Now, if you're familiar with the proper way of running you know that you run towards traffic. Well in the cove, "traffic" doesn't just mean American cars(notice how I'm not mentioning foreign cars here), but it also means Amish "cars" as well. Now, the Amish are nice group a people. They're a little odd, but they're nice folks. Always waving and smiling. Their horses on the other hand, big and scary! I try not to get to close to horses. Mainly because they're big and scary. But I think today was the closest I may ever want to be to a horse. I mean, I ran past it and could have reached out and touched the thing! HOLY CRAP! Can you picture a giant horse charging straight at you?! I mean, I don't know if I'm going to scare it and starts kicking its legs at me or if it just decides to head-butt me off the road. So, I held my breath (which was hard because I'M RUNNING!) and made it by the horse without incident. Of course as I run by the friendly Amish family waves HI to me. I give a polite wave and a nervous smile. In my head I'm think, "Holy crap that was a big scary horse!"

Back on the subject of work, I'm noticing day after day people standing around and talking to others. Now I know there's nothing wrong with taking breaks to talk to you buddy, but it seems I see the same few all day long talking to cubicles all around. I go to the bathroom, see Person X talking over there. I go to the bathroom later, there's Person X over there now. I go to the bathroom again (I drink way too much coffee at work!) and there's Person X in the next room. I go to make copies, Person X is still talking with yet more people! Do you catch my drift? Why can't I have her job? Well, come on, it was pretty obvious it was a girl, who else can talk all day long? Actually, I'm not really sure what her job is, in fact, I think she's in my cubicle room.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Hurray for the moisture probe! It's calibrated and so far, it looks like it's returning the proper moisture reading. We'll see if that holds true in time. I also have my doubt that the people located at the location of the moisture will be able to calibrate as often as the state wants them too. Anywho, it takes a lot of pressure off me and my staff. Okay, so I don't have any staff, but it sounded cool.

Let's talk about weather. More particular, let's talk about the wind. I'm surprised the house I live in is still standing. It has been more windy today than it was when hurricane What's-Her-Name came through here a month ago. Just by chance, I set my watch alarm last night. Good thing because the power was out come wake up time this morning.

New topic. How about those Red Sox! I had just about given up hope in the 6th inning. But they pulled through! Even Nomar contributed to the offense today! It made up for his defensive error. It's a good thing Burkett got a little help today. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, he's my third cousin, I've got signed baseball cards and pictures from when he was a Giant, but maybe he's just not cut out for the playoffs quite yet. We'll see in the World Series. I'm putting complete faith in the final series game. That and if the Sox lose I'll change this blog entry.

Today's final note is a little something I like to call, "A Sister's Logic." The sister calls up today, wants me to bring back some shoes she left here. She asks if I'm going to church on Sunday. "I don't know if I am yet or not," I respond. "Are you and Kate having a fight?" she asks. Now, I would consider my sister an intelligent person. She even graduated sum cum laude. But someone PLEASE explain that type of irrational thought to me! Unless there's something you aren't telling me Kate. But then if we were fighting, I guess you really wouldn't be telling me anything anyways. But you are talking to me, so everything is good, I think. Please tell me everything is okay! I'm so confused!!

Oh yeah, and let's not forget Ed tonight. Good show, good issues, nice space man suit! Kate about said it right. It was "normal funny." Nothing spectacular but still entertaining. I had to flip back and forth though until the Sox game was over.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

There are a few things I need to add here. First off this message to Andy, If I were watching Fox instead, then you wouldn't be reading my very interesting blogs. I want no comments about how they aren't interesting! Second of all, major points to Kate for watching more baseball on TV. If she starts watching football too, I think I may just be the happiest person ever! Let's see, watching Trading Spaces with Kate vs. watching the Steelers with Kate. I'll let you decide that one, I think my choice is pretty obvious. On a final note, I just got an e-mail from my buddy Roscoe. Sounds like he's doing well. Check out all his stuff here.
No naps during work today. It was another fun day at the office. Probably boring to the rest of you. My excitement for the day: Getting the Final Jeopardy question! Frankly, I don't care to much for the show, but after the gut wrenching loss from the Red Sox, my dad flipped to ABC to see the end of the show. The answer: Without citing the exact phrase (come on, I can't remember that), it had to do with an archeologist naming a text used for spells, chants, and prayers to Ra. The question: What is The Book of Dead? Only one person had it right. The other guesses: The Dead Sea scrolls and the Apocrypha. Come on now people! Both of those are Christian texts. Call me crazy but last time I checked the sun god, Ra, wasn't exactly turning water into blood attempting to free the Israelites. Oh well, I guess an interest in ancient Egyptian history may never come in handy, but it can answer questions. Or is it question answers in this case? I actually own a copy of The Book of the Dead. It's pretty interesting.

Today's Complaint: People in the cove drive too darn slow! I guess when you live in a small town with three retirement communities which make up about 3/4 of the town population you're going to have slower, more annoying moving traffic. The problem: In a few more years, most of the town will be "living" underground, causing the town money pot to dwindle. The solution: Persuade my friends from Messiah College to move here and start families. It's a win-win scenario. I think I'll work on Julie first. She may be the easiest one to persuade since she is my neighbor and already lives here.

Today's Church Sign Text: Stop, drop and roll doesn't work in Hell.

Final Thoughts: Hey Vikki, when is Nomar going to get a hit? I'm not seeing his greatness out there at the plate.

Monday, October 13, 2003

So you'd think with how great the internet is these days and how everyone is getting on the bandwagon that you could be able to find streaming audio of the Red Sox vs. Yankees game somewhere. I clicked around on for about 15 minutes trying to get their streaming audio working only to find out that you have to pay $9.95 for the service. Funny, if I lived in Mass. I could listen to the game for free on the radio. You'd think since I am paying for my internet access they could at least provide me with audio of sporting events. I can get audio of Penn State games just fine. Although, at the moment, who really wants to listen to them? So it looks like I'll just have to keep clicking the refresh button on the site. You'd think with how much those broadcaster love to talk, Fox would stream the game on their site. Well, I think that's all for the night. I just wanted to voice some frustration.
You'd think if you were hired at a fairly large company just a month ago that they would all of the sudden turn you loose without supervision already! Okay, so maybe the guy that has been training me the last month was sick today, but I was left to solve stuff on my own for the whole day! Good thing there weren't any problems with the plants today. It was just me and the office today. I did get to work on some new Mistic Protocol stuff that Ashley's been trying to figure out for the past few days. I got it working in less than one. Where's my raise? I own this job!

The last few hours at work I kind of felt like George from Seinfeld. I was about ready to crawl under my desk and take a nap. Instead I just dozed off staring at my computer screen. The no coffee thing didn't work out too well today. I guess the excitement of "owning" my job wore off my the afternoon. Once I got home I decided to shoot some hoops in an attempt to energize myself a little. I discovered that I stick suck really bad at it. If that darn moisture probe's percentages are anything like my basketball shooting percentages I can understand how it gets negative percentages.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Well, it was another disappointing Sunday thanks to the Steelers (pronounced stillers around here). Bettis' fumble pretty much lost the game for them. Oh well, at least it was exciting to watch. The game of the weekend though, goes to the MLB for the Sox and Yankees game. There are only a few words to describe that game and one of them is UNBELIEVABLE! Too bad tonight's game was rained out. It would have been intense. The tension will have eased up a bit by tomorrow but I still expect an upset from the Sox.

Tomorrow, it's back to The Workplace for another week. Maybe with any luck we'll get that darn temperature sensor with PID loop working. It's nice to talk to people from California on the phone. They don't have The Cove accent. I figure, as long as I keep my verbs straight I should be okay.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

I almost forgot how much fun it is to hang out with all my friends again. If you don't know Vikki, she's worth getting to know if only for the fact that you'll hear really humorous stories about her life. I can't think of too many things better than sitting around a table talking about your crazy life with all your friends. And nothing raps the trip up to see your friends better than a nice HUG from Meredith, Liz's sister. Oh yeah that's right Andy. How about that! It was just a hug though, so there's still time to put "the plan" into effect.

On a final note: NO PARKING TICKET FOR ME! Sorry Liz, looks like you were the only one parking illegally.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

In my defense, let me just say that when you get home from work and you have absolutely nothing to look forward to, any tv seems good, except for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and other select show on TLC. But also, let me point out that last night's episode of Ed was intriguing enough for Andy to make his whole blog entry for the day about the episode. Oh well, what can I say? I'm bored out of my mind here!

Finally, today I had a major breakthru! I've been working on making a differential amplifier the past few days and finally my hard work paid off! Now the only problem I'm faced with is making a inverter to get my -6V. However, I need an inverted signal to make the inverter work! Who the heck designed op-amps anyway? Why can't I just ground the @#$! thing! Bonus points if you're reading this and have any clue what in the world I'm talking about.

Today's Jimmy tip:
If you are making an inverter with an op-amp and protoboard, make sure the IC chip is not upside down. This causes the chip to smoke and make popping sounds. Although this sounds cool, all it does is make me buy another chip.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Despite what Ms. Bol said about Ed, I happened to enjoy it. All right, so it wasn't near as funny as last week, I'll give you that, but it was still quality I thought. I mean come on, the episode almost revolved around Warren Chezwick. Sorry Vikki, I have to rate this episode second best of the season. Although, you may not really disagree with that.

On a different note, why is it that when I'm watching the MLB American League Championship game, radar from The Weather Channel pops up? Look you dip-head announcers, if I want to see the doppler radar, I will turn to The Weather Channel, but when I have my TV on FOX, I expect to see the ball game. I have picture-in-picture so I can watch them both at the same time if I choose, so just show the game please. Thank you, I'm now going to go "Cowboy Up."

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

So let me just tell you one of the weirdest things I've ever experienced. Actually, it's happening right now. The right speaker of my surround sound computer speaker system has some how tapped into some local CB radio and i can hear conversations going on between my IM chimes. Appearently some guy named Hill-Billy (go figure) has not shown up at the place of the broadcast. Frankly I'm begining to get concerned. No concern yet from the main speaker. I haven't yet caught his name.

On a very exciting side note, my good friend Vikki has begun a blog of her own. You can check it out my clicking here or it will forever be linked over there on the right hand side.
I must agree with Andy Vogel and Rob Neyer on this one. The sports announcers, especially the ones on Fox, just flat out suck! They criticize one team for one thing, then praise another team for the same thing. On top of that, their comments are just plain stupid and idiotic. I lack the big words to emphasize my point like Andy. I think they should broadcast Dave Matthews Band or something on the SAP audio signal for sporting events instead of those spanish cheese commercials. Well, I guess the mute button and the radio will have to do for now.

Hmm, I'm hungry. I could go for a nice big Papa Johns pizza right about know.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Work is rough, let me tell ya. If it's not moisture probes it's thermocouples, and if it's not thermocouples it's load cells. Throw me a frickin' bone here! This company is supposed to be the most high tech stone and lime company in the region (by region I mean northeastern US). Why can no one figure this stuff out? The really stupid thing is that the company manufactures can't tell us anything about the product either. You'd thing, if a company can construct a moisture probe, they'd be able to explain it's operation over the phone and provide one, and only one way of hooking the thing up. Oh well. It's a good thing the smartest people in the area (minus a few I went to school with at Messiah) are working for this stone company and make these complicated devices work.

So on with life I say. I still say all those smart people (and you know who you are) need to come live near me (like in Altoona) so we can turn this place into the next Silicon Valley!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

All right, here's the scoop. I don't live in California, neither does the majority of the population of this planet, ergo, the recall election in California does NOT have to be national news. There has to be something more news worthy than that political who-haw. So Arnold hit on some women within the last 30 years. If he didn't most people might be concerned that he was gay. So, let me get this straight, guys aren't supposed to hit on women now? OK, maybe they shouldn't make rude statements or gestures and if they do, they should apologize I think. OH OH, that's just what The Terminator did!! What more do you want?! Come on people! Find me one politician that hasn't ever done something stupid. Just one. You can't. Why not? Because the average Joe Shmoe does stupid stuff. Politicians are just smart enought to attempt to cover their tracks. That shows they work for what they want. That's just who I want representing me. Back to this news thing. Aren't their new planets being discovered all the time? Why don't I ever heard about that in the news?

Saturday, October 04, 2003

What is more fun that playing frisbee with your college buddies? I wouldn't really know considerding I raced back to school on friday hoping to play a little ultimate, but it turned out that it was too cold or people went home for break. All I wanted to do was play a little frisbee. Oh well, maybe in a week or two. A few of us did however get to hang out at the Riverside G-man for dinner. I've never eaten there before. It was pretty good. The two pitchers or Yingling Lauger made for a light footed exit, but I'm a raging alcoholic anyway so who really cares? If any family members are reading this, it's and inside joke, don't get all concerned.

Work on friday? Rather humerous. One of the fellows I work for has this invention that we use for cold feed belt automation. Well, after getting to work with them, I must say, they are a piece of junk! Why can't you just put three wires on them Gary? Voltage in, voltage out and pulse signal. Eazie peezie japoneezie. But no, it has to be all complicated two wires, hook up a load to make it work. Oh well. Gary's changing the design to make it work without a load. A very good idea.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

The temperature outside today: Freakin' cold! Perhpas you may be wondering, what temperature is Freakin' Cold? Well, by definition Freakin' Cold is when it is the very begining of October and it is freakin' snowing outside and you have to drive to freakin' Somerset and stand outside and screw freakin' wires into the freakin' circuit board for the freakin' moisture probe so the freakin' state inspector can certify the freakin' plant! That is the temperature of Freakin' Cold. But hey, it snowed so that was pretty cool.

Well, that's really all for now. Maybe I'll think of something else to right later. Wow it's cold out!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Talk about intense! But before I talk about it, let me first talk about Ed. I do have to say, that may have just been the funiest episode ever! Not only was the documentary idea genius, but it had Warren Chezwick as well. And was it just me or was that drivers ed guy scary as all get-out? I must say, after last week's episode I wasn't expecting much from this season, but tonight's episode turned it all around. Kepp it coming you guys from Ed!

So what was so intense? The season finale of Paradise Hotel of course. It was twist after twist. Boom, Scott and Holly are gone! Boom, the outted guests choose the winners. Boom, you have to switch couples! Boom Keith and Charla are the winners! Boom, They win a quarter million each! Boom, they switch back to old roommates! Boom, they can share the money! Honestly, I was just about pacing around the room squeezing the life out my little stress cow. How do they do it? So in the end, Keith splits his money, and Charla kept her. Big surprise, I didn't call that one at all (sarcasm). Although I didn't know how the last episode was going to end either (more sarcasm). So I must say, it was a very entertaining TV evening. Hopefully I'll never watch Paradise Hotel 2 and with any luck, Ed will be entertaining yet again next week.

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Just one short message today. I HATE MOISTURE PROBES!!