Monday, March 27, 2006

I think cheese is highly overrated and highly overused. It’s like everywhere you go, everything you order these days comes with cheese. At fast food places it’s not enough to order a HAMburger, you need to specify it’s a “Hamburger, no cheese” (using the word without in place of no usually results in a cheeseburger). I’m not asking for a cheeseburger here. Salads come with cheese on them by default. We’re stuffing cheese into the crusts of pizzas, buying casseroles with cheese baked in already, and even filling cheese inside pasta! Cheese should be an add-on product only people! Not everyone likes the stuff. I mean we accommodate people who are handicapped with parking spaces, low-grade ramps and elevators; all I am asking for is to NOT assume that we all want everything we eat smothered in cheese. It’s not like it costs as much as an elevator to not put the cheese on the salad, in fact, it saves money because the national cheese supply will not diminish as quickly! All I want is for no more bizarre looks when I order that chicken without cheese, and no more sounds of annoyance when I say, “Hold the cheddar on my fries.” There are more of us out there than you think, so cheese up people!

On a side note (I've been informed that the phrase By the way makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever) does anyone else think it’s ironic that Joan Osborne sings the song “One of Us” that just happened to be the theme song to the has-been CBS TV show “Joan of Arcadia” in which the main character Joan alluded to the actual person Joan of Arc who claimed God appeared to her time after time as different people?

Monday, March 20, 2006

It's no secret that two of my favorite TV shows are Stargate SG-1 and The X-Files. Yeah yeah, say what you want about my nerdy science fiction obsessions, but if Andy can like Stargate SG-1 then clearly you can't consider me weird (besides Stargate is currently the most popular sci-fi show on TV). Anywho since I've seen just about every episode of each I'm quickly discovering characters that appear in both series, as different characters of course. For a list of just a couple of these fine fellows, just keep reading.

William B. Davis. If you've ever watched The X-Files than I know you know this guy. He's the Cigarette Smoking Man, or Cancer Man as Mulder puts it sometimes. However, CGB Spender has made guest appearances in a couple of recent Stargate episodes as a foul looking Prior. Maybe all those cigarettes finally got to him.

Mitch Pileggi. He played Asst. Director Skinner in The X-Files. However you can now find him playing the role of Col. Caldwell on the spinoff series Stargate Atlantis.

Tom McBeart. He's the lovable Col. Maybourne of Stargate. While he may be Jack O'Neil's arch nemesis at the NSA, he can be found playing a couple different characters on The X-Files. One if which is Detective Gwynn who helps Mulder track down a couple of vampires thirsty for blood . . . and sex.

Megan Leitch. The fairly hot sister of "Spooky" Mulder, Samantha, while was abducted by aliens and made an appearance here or there as a clone and what-not she apparently has a twin elsewhere in this galaxy known as Linea, "Destroyer of Worlds." This is of course the younger Linea who accidentally comes down with amnesia while experimenting on a human race on some far off planet. That crazy Vorlix!

Don D. Davis. A League of Their Own fans know him as the manager of Racine, but us sci-fi nuts know him as General George Hammond on Stargate. This general however can also be found as Agent Scully's father in a few episodes of The X-Files.

Amanda Tapping. [Sigh.] This is the most recent find that was actually brought to my attention today. Yeah yeah, so I have a little crush on the attractive brainiac known as Samantha Carter. Now I'm no MacGyver, but I'm pretty sure she played a hooker in today's The X-Files episode, Avatar.

Nicholas Lea. Just for kicks I thought I'd throw Alex Krycek into the mix. He never really appeared on Stargate SG-1 but before he was the evil killer Krycek he was . . . well some guy that was abducted by aliens in one of the first couple seasons. Rarely do you find such a main character in a series play other insignificant roles.

So I'm pretty sure I missed some of them, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind. By the way. Have you seen the new TV commercial for the V-Cast Razor phone? It may be the funniest commercial ever. My favorite part:

Razor phone: Where's your cell phone.
Guy without phone: At home.
Razor phone: Because he's LAME!!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm currently sitting in front of my TV watching the latest in reality TV called American Inventor. Remember how back in high school you used a certain word to describe things that were really really really stupid and it sounded something along the lines of "doplic?" Well this word comes to mind while watching this show. Not only are the "judges" idiots but their personalities are mind numbing as well. The inventions appear to be quite idiotic as well. Captain Jimmy would give this show a whopping 1 grand jury shy of a court indictment.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So here’s my gripe about American Idol. Keep in mind I try and watch this show religiously, so I’ll be fairly judgmental. First of all is it at all possible for Randy to act his proper age? I’m guessing you’d be pretty hard pressed to find another fellow born the same year as him saying phrases like, “Yo, so check it out dawg,” or “Aight I’m diggin’ it.” Also the three fingered hand wave can also fall in the Act Your Age category. Second I realize that the judges want some diversity in the songs but don’t pick a theme that doesn’t really have any brisk songs in it and then be disappointed with the lack of energy from the contestants. Stevie Wonder is a great artists, but lets face it, not too many 18 year olds are walking down the street jamming to Part-Time Lover on their iPod. Finally are the producers even letting the contestants choose what they want to look like anymore? If they were I’m pretty sure some of them wouldn’t have looked like they did last night. Maybe I’m a little obsessive about the show, but hey it’s Tuesday and frankly I have no life really during the week.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Pi Day!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Jose Canseco is a bumbling idiot! And anyone who thinks otherwise can be labeled the same as far as I'm concerned. Only about 20% of the words coming out of his mouth can be deemed relevant or accurate. The rest are either blatant lies or phrases so ambiguous nothing could ever be concluded from them. Anyone that responds to questions regarding where one received his information by saying something along the lines of "my sources will be made public soon enough," should be whacked on the back of the head like the 12 year old he is acting like should. I'm convinced anyone who chooses to interview the guy these days is doing so for the soul purpose of humiliating him. No other outcome could come from such a dialogue for I have yet to see a discussion with the man where I haven't said out loud in an irritated voice, "What an idiot!"

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Human emotions are an interesting thing aren't they? They can keep us from sleeping, keep us from eating, even keep us from talking to others. Sometimes I think how great it would be if we just didn't have to deal with all that stuff. Then I remind myself how dull this life would truly be without them. Sure the drama would be all gone, but how can you admire the beauty of a crisp sunny day without the damp and dreary rainy one? The emotions that we feel help define who we are. So even while a sleepless night is fine here and there, it's the massive emotional overflows that make me see how nice it sometimes is to live a very dull life . . .

By the way, if you're ever at The Workplace and you find the man that stole my mom's pink shirt, tell him to work a little faster and to quit complaining about not getting things done because the new hire is driving his van around!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A couple things tonight. First just let me say that everything I express on this site is my opinion, and pretty much my opinion only. If you don't care to know my opinion or you're going to be offended or complain about my opinion then you really shouldn't be reading this. Of course comments are welcome, but the fact remains that this is life as I see it and sometimes that could be hard for others to hear (for whatever reason). Of course this site is a prime example of my free speech at work so really anything goes. I realize not everyone out there is "down" with blogging and some see it as needless banter and crude remarks. Well it's a lot more than that. It's a huge knowledge bank filled with opinions and creative writings yet to be discovered. Sure sometimes we bloggers complain about life and the people in it, but that's our business to make it public. Even professional writers like Dave Barry and the like are making comments about people all over this planet for entertainment purposes only. So just for future reference to you readers out there, don't judge me because I'm judging you . . . well actually go ahead, that's what we do by human nature. But like I said before, if you don't care for my opinion then don't read my blog.

The other things shall remain private for now. There are some things in my life I prefer to keep to myself and a few select others. That doesn't include however my thoughts about life.