Monday, December 29, 2003

Let me now comment on these emails since I am finally done hooking up the computer that was just returned to me. It took too long to do it. Anywho, first let me state, that I too am in agreeance with the two fine gentlemen below regarding a gift obtained from a deceased individual. However, I think we need to look at how the departed's death was induced. Perhaps the lifeless individual was exterminated by some rare third country VERY contagious illness. Then perhaps items such as the obsolete's false teeth or sweaty socks and/or belly button lint should be barred and proscribed from the joyous occasion that is The Giving Of The Gifts. But then again, if this were the case I would hope the undertaker participating in this particular undertaking would avoid all human contact for the remainder of his days in this worldly realm. Our laws governing this particular case of a dead one's possessions however may need to be refined in order to maintain the safety of those who have come to except and benefit from the Spirit of Solstivus.
I received a few emails regarding my post on the 23rd of December. I figured they warranted posting.

Email 1:
Said friend has a Solstivus gift for JR that apparently came from a dead person. "Is it OK to give a Solstivus gift that once belonged to a dead person?" I refer to our by laws in which we stated that the object had to be in the donor's prior possession. Note that we specified that this did not rule out dumpster diving. My understanding of the application of the by laws to your question is that as long as your friend did not pay for the item that he is going to give to you, and as long as he had it in his prior possession, then I say that it is a valid gift.

There is nothing in our by laws that speaks to the civil laws, however. I wonder if the gift item in question was taken from the dead person without the knowledge of the grieving family. Is it a gold watch that was given to some guy as a retirement gift? Is it gold fillings that the friend or his brother pulled from the mouth of the dead guy? Is it the underwear in which he died? This whole thing is getting entirely too weird even for me. As much as I applaud the spirit of Solstivus and the propagating of it, I say that we notify the authorities that the undertaker is pilfering from the dead. Having said that, I must add that there is an extenuating circumstance. Namely, the Summer Solstivus, about which we have not spoken. The Winter Solstivus is about giving. It stands to reason that the Summer Solstivus should be about taking. If the gift from the undertaker's son had been taken on or about the Summer Solstivus, then I say "Hurrah!"


Email 2:
I would have to agree with the analysis below. Regardless of how the friend came into possession of the gift, there does not appear to be any rule violations (i.e. purchasing the gift). Therefore, it is fair game. How appropriate it is for the friend to take from the dead is another matter altogether but is outside the sphere of our influence and concern. It should be pointed out, however, how this situation speaks to the power of the spirit of Solstivus.


Saturday, December 27, 2003

I don't get it. Pasta is pasta right? But why does different pasta not taste the same? Just a thought I had while I was eating dinner tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going back to Lancaster to see some friends from high school. Five hours of driving time may not seem worth it to you, but I haven't seen some of these people for over a year. I hope the food is good!

Friday, December 26, 2003

I am currently writing this entry on my new PDA while I sit on the couch and watch TV. Look at me write. Weeeeeeeee! Hurray for wireless internet and technology.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

There's no better Christmas gift than your boss coming around to you and saying, "Hey, it's Christmas Eve, if you want to walk right out that door, my back is turned." So, what do you think I did? Of course! I walked right out that door. Of course I waited for some other people to walk out first. But I thought that was pretty nice. It stinks for those people that took off work today. I got a free half day, they paid for their full day. Oh well.

Well, I guess this is it then. Merry Christmas to all, and don;t forget, my birthday is in two days. Buy me something! If you need my address, just let me know.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Boy oh boy! Vikki gave me a whole bunch of crap to comment on! First of all, just because your cousin George says you look good as a blond doesn't mean you should stay blond. Isn't the George the one that was tipping the boat and throwing cherry bombs at his younger cousins this past 4th of July? Second of all, yes it is weird to want to keep your wisdom teeth. Personally I find it rather disgusting. Thirdly, thanks for recognizing my master superior GameCube skills. I RULE! Fourthly, you shouldn't be jealous of your sister. Just remember whom the midnight rapist comes after and always hold that over her head. Fifthly, She probably sent the Red Sox card to herself, she seems like someone that would do that. And finally, I've told you before and I'm sure Andy will back me up. Just because people who live in Massachusetts speak with "the accent" does not mean you should, nor does it mean that it's cool to do it. Look at Mitch. Who is cooler than he? And he doesn't speak with the "stupid" accent.

One a final note, Tim tells me his brother has a Solstivus gift for me. For those of you who have been involved in the Solstivus Rules of The Giving of the Gifts, what's the ruling on gifts that have been taken from dead people? Tim's brother is an undertaker. Although, if Dead Gene's underwear ever came up as a gift I'd probably allow it. Of course, I can only hope that it would be the Hall of Fame Pooping Man!

Monday, December 22, 2003

I have only three words to say today. They go something like this: Gold, Parade, Kart! If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's too bad. Maybe someday, Tim Romanoski will be able to clue you in . . . Someday. . .

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Solstivus! It's the holiday for kings! Well, ok so it's the holiday my family and I made up, but every year it seems to get bigger. Tonight was "The Giving of the Gifts" ceremony. This involves digging thru your house and finding a bunch of crap to give away to those you cherish most. This year I got some nice alcoholic playing cards (No Vikki you can't have them), 4 empty Alltoid containers and a cheap a** car emergency kit. Each year we have the "Hall of Fame Gifts." Such gifts of yester-year include "The Pooping Man," a pair of used sneakers, old eye glass lenses. This year the Hall of Fame Gift was a 35 year old baseball mitt and a pair of contact lenses. Each lens a different prescription.

Since this holiday is still in the works, this year we came up with the Solsti-bowl. This is the traditional outing of Solstivus. You grab the bowling shoes and head out to your local bowling place and bowl a few games. Of course be on the look out for a Solstivus Miracle!

Saturday, December 20, 2003

So let me tell you about the absolute stupidest movie I have ever seen in my whole life. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2. First let me start out by saying, why even name it this? It's all about Eddie, Clarke's brother. Second of all, the theme of Christmas barely even presents itself! Third of all, they already made this flick, but in the image of a great TV show called Gillagan's Island! If you happened to witness this awful 2 hour torture pit of a made-for-TV-movie, I truly feel your pain. However, if you happened to watch all 2 hours of it, well, then I'll just call you Stupid!

Friday, December 19, 2003

So we decorated the Christmas Tree last night. Unfortunately one of the more than 20 strings of light on the tree was out so my dad went thru one by one replacing each light. I told him it was a useless gesture but he was determined to make this string work. I figured it was probably a short in the string. Well, to make a long story short my dad wound up just turning the tree around so the lights that were off faced the wall. I hate it when I'm right.

More snow today. Will this endless white bliss ever stop? Let hope not. Come January I want enough snow up at The Knob that Stembogen Bowl will be open. It's pretty much the best single ski slope in the commonwealth. I'll let you know the next time I leave my house. It may be for bread and milk so I can continue to live for the next week.

Today's Handy Tip: If you happen to be stripping wire while standing a few yards above a conveyor belt and the conveyor belt is running, be sure to NOT drop your wire strippers. Especially if the material on the belt is flowing into a concrete truck to be pored somewhere miles away!

Special Note: Today's Handy Tip brought to you by observation, NOT experience.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Nothing real big to report today. More snow yesterday. I hear it's supposed to snow even more. Hey, bring it on I say. The only thing that really bothers me is those stupid drivers that drive the big flower delivery truck and they're driving 10 feet from your bumper when you're going 50 MPH on snow covered roads. Do they honestly think that if I were to stop quickly, they would be able to stop in time before raping my car? Randy is right. All people should be forced to take a simple physics class in which they are taught simple physics so they can understand the principles or inertia and momentum and the coefficient of friction. Then, after the class is over we'll have a driving test. Those that don't pass will likely be killed in the accidents they get into. Making the roads even more safe for everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Who is this Paris Hilton and why do I keep getting emails to see her naked? Is this person popular? If anyone knows who this person is it would be Vikki. Please tell me who this person is and why has she been appearing in my inbox for the past few weeks naked?

Today's' work tip: If you are soldering something at your desk, take extra care in where you place your hot soldering iron. It is not a good idea to place it close to the keyboard in the event that the iron may roll towards the keyboard without your knowledge and the next thing you know you're smelling burning plastic and half of your Ctrl key has melted away.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

So I know you've all seen the giant inflatable Santas and snowmen out there. But today, I saw the super-sized giant Santa! This thing had to have been at least 1 1/2 stories tall! It was huge! Beside it was a drawfed snowman looking like he was Andy Vogel sized. It was sort of scary. I think the kids would be scared of that Santa. Not only would that Santa not be able to come down the chimney, but it wouldn't be able walk but on all fours inside the house.

On a different note, The Workplace Christmas Party was tonight. What a blast! I'm not a big one for socializing but I don't mind it every now and then. Free drinks and a free meal, what more could you ask for? Well, it would have been nice to win a door prize but I knew how my luck was so I never even got my hopes up. They had some nice prizes too. A TV/VCR/DVD combo, a new camcorder, new phones, a George Foreman. But oh well, what do I need all that stuff for anyway? Ashley won something for the second year in a row. I told him next year we're swapping tickets. Although with my luck I would have had a winner before the trade.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Ok, so my hassles with moisture probes are not over yet. We ordered one from England and I had to figure out how to calibrate the darn thing. Luckily there's software the company provides, to help with this. So I had to figure out how to hook the probe up to the computer and talk to it via RS-485 protocol. Not a problem. So after I get all that done and read the manual on how to calibrate it, I look online to see some engineering notes about the company's products over the years. I get to a report (these reports are from the company so it's a nice service they put out, and they should for the price you pay) that says you should really do the calibration externally and just use the default calibration internally. So now I'm torn. I can easily code up some lines to calibrate within the application, but it could be much more precise, yet much more time consuming to calibrate it internally. If only I had real issues like normal people.

To top it off, I've decided The Workplace is indeed a Seinfeld episode every single day. Not only do we get conflicting reports about the same darn projects from different people, there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. I usually just laugh it off and think which Seinfeld character am I. I know I'm not Kramer, nor am I even close to the worrier George. I've got it down to Elaine or Jerry and since I don't really care to be a girl, I've decided I'm the Jerry of our little automation department. I crack the jokes about everyone else and find the humor in everything going on. Ashley's a big worrier and likes to get excited sometimes so he's George, but with normal hair. That leaves Randy as Elaine. Switch the genders and you've pretty much got a perfect match. Intelligent yet ready to tell the unbelievable stories that just happened to him and fight for what he believe in. Finally the most obvious of all is GW as Kramer. Not only does he come up with completely outlandish ideas, we never really see him doing anything. Yet things always get done.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Well the weekend has come and gone and lucky my 2.75 hour trip resulted in nothing more and a 1/4 tank of gas left in my car. Grant it the trip usually takes about an hour less than that but with snow and freezing rain, there were a few complications. The thing that gets me is how in the WORLD can people feel safe driving 65 MPH on snow covered highways when temperatures are well below 0oC and its freezing rain all around? I was going around 50, 55 MPH and at times I needed to slow down to allow my car to spit out some slush or ease around a turn. It amazes me that people can be so incredibly stupid when it comes to life. It also amazes me that trucks think they can go normal speed in the snow with their huge loads hauling a** behind them.

But hey, what can you do? My Stillers lost today completely dashing their hopes of playoff joys. Not that they had a huge change even if they did win today. Maybe next year. Hopefully by that time I'll have loads of Pittsburgh parafanalia and whatever else goes along with living in this part of the world.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

So did I beat you enough in Double Dash Vikki? I just want you to know that I am writing this blog post on your computer. HAHAHA! Hopefully it won't crash on me and destroy the entire world, which it just may because you STILL have Windows ME!

So tonight, Kate and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. I have the Donzens of Shrimp dinner. Four dozen shrimp or various type and flavor! All 48 of which are now happily in my stomach. Anywho, so we were waiting for our table to be ready when Kate nudges me and says, "Look at that guy over there!" I look and I see none other than George Castanza! Okay, so it wasn't really him, but he looked exactly like him! He even had on George's light brown coat that he wears. Of course he had no more hair than George and he even wore the same glasses and would take them off just like George himself. I realize it's not nice to stare, but how can you not when the Mechanisburg version of "Can't-Stand-Ya" is eating dinner with a girl you know will break up with him in the next few days and is only 20 feet away?

Thursday, December 11, 2003

No word about scoreboards today! Today was another fun filled coding day. Although I have successfully completed controlling a tilt mixer potentiometer with the computer. The touch the screen and if they drag their finder up, out comes more voltage and the bowl will tilt faster. They drag their finger down, and down comes the voltage and the bowl will tilt slower. And I'm sure this is all so very exciting to you.

So the snow is all gone. All it took was a day of ran to wash the snow away. Now there's flooding again. But I live on a hill so flooding is of no concern to me. When I ran today i think it started to sleet. I don't know if you've ever run when it's sleeting before but I wouldn't recommend it. Little pellets flying into your eyes and your freezing cold cheeks. OUCH I say!

Now it looks like it's e-mail time. You may think that writing e-mails is fun. I once did too. Then it became a hassle. Now I dread it. Why? I don't know. But here's to writing to friends who never respond back . . .

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Irony is the word for the day. Today at work, Gary told someone about my work on scoreboards back in my days. Let me just repeat how much I REALLY dislike scoreboards since then. Anywho, Larry's scoreboard is broken so Jimmy gets a call on fixing it. Come on now, I don't know what's wrong with it! The reason we built our own scoreboard was because we couldn't figure out how they work! But I took some screws of and peaked around. Since peaking also involves touching components I was quickly running my fingers over ic's and stuff when suddenly, BLAHHHHHHHHHH! I got the jolt of my life! My whole arm spasmed as 12.6 volts at 1 amp jabbed thru my body. Now I've gotten shocked before, but this was serious. If my heart didn't stop for a second then it stopped for a minute, whatever that means. After that I decided I had enough and screwed it back up and said to Gary, I see no problems, but don't touch THAT piece!

Anywho, the irony of my story has yet to be realized. Scoreboards had not been mentioned to me since about April 25th. So when it was brought up today I was a little surprised. Then, I check my e-mail not too long ago. There's an e-mail in it from some guy from the Philippines claiming he is doing exactly what we did and he wants more info on it. WOW! First of all, the fact the he even found our information on it surprises me, but it was brought to my attention that if you do a google search for "scoreboard integration" our website is first on the list. Anyway, the this is why I love life! What are the odds that two pieces of that 10,000 piece puzzle would fall off the table on the floor at the exact same time and then fit together? Probably a lot greater if the puzzle was pre-assembled . . .
There was a time in my short life when I thought it would be cool to work someplace and then have meetings to go to. Share your insights with others and gain knowledge about what others are doing. Well, that day came and went REAL fast! Two meetings today both around 2 hours long. One was a meeting on a future project involving a boiler, steam and lots and lots of open-close valves. Ashley and I will think the project will be pretty straight forward. Gary seems to think that we need to take a step back and re-think. This coming from the guy who three weeks ago said this was nothing, a start-done deal. I guess we'll see who's right in about year. Lets hope it was us. The second meeting was just Ashley and myself and my boss. We went over our plans for the next few months and what we've done in the past month or so. The Boss (not to be confused with The Big Boss, my boss' boss or The Big Big Boss, The Big Boss' father and owner of the company) can talk it up like none other. I say about a paragraphs worth of stuff when he asks me questions and explaining whatever it is I've been doing and then he'll go on about whatever else for 20 minutes. So hours with The Boss results in about 1.5 hours of The Boss talking and the rest us explaining or asking questions. But he's a good guy. Real laid back and super organized. Just the guy you want to work for. Let me tell you, he gets things done! If only the Automation Department could operate like that . . .

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Come on now Andy, I'm sure we have more than 2 plows in this state. There's at least 4.

So tomorrow we'll get pas the halfway mark. Time sure does seem to fly. It's only a few weeks left until Christmas! I remember when I was a little tyke and Christmas seemed like it took FOREVER to get here. I'd lay awake at night thinking, "only four more days, you can do it. Only two more days, almost there." I'm pretty sure the nights of December 3rd were some of the longest in history. Santa must flex the space-time continuum when he soared around at speeds well above the speed of light. Time would just creep on by. Anyway, now I'm older is Christmas is slowly becoming just another day. It still nice though. It's an excuse for the whole family to gather around and spend time with each other. And there's definitely nothing wrong with that.

On a more serious note, I made record time today running! 18 minutes and 5 seconds! Boy did I cruise to try and break that 18 minute mark, but not this time. Soon hopefully. The only drawback was my knee swelled up and not its difficult to walk. But it'll be all better by morning. My Wolverine jeans will heal everything.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Not too much to discuss today. The plows decided to come out of hiding and finally do their job, so the roads around here are finally starting to get cleared. Things at The Workplace are starting to slow down as well too. Not that they were speeding along since I've been there anyway but they are slowing down even more now. Time now is spent more on projects and development than troubleshooting and bug fixes. 'Tis the season as they say. I realize that has absolutely nothing to do with my story but I felt like saying it anyway.

Hey, here's something I've been noticing. Those ads you see at the top of my blog page. They always seem to make some reference to something I've written about. I did some checking and that exactly what they do! They pick out key words on my blog and then find ads relating to those words and link to them. Janet's ads talk about Law and Order, go figure that her headline for the last month has bee "Law and Order." Andy mentions snow, and behold, an ad with snow in it. I talk about farms and the weather. What a surprise, links to farmers almanac and the weather. Finally there's Vikki. What's that you say, Christmas shopping? You'll just have to check out the ad.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Finally! A good day for the Stillers. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about this win, but by the 2nd half, I was pretty confidant. I had to take breaks from painting the guest room to watch the game. Now the guest room a some shade of green and Jerome Bettis has moved up to 9th place in all time running distance. Coincidence? I don't think so.

It snowed a bit here the last few days. Friday it all started. We got about an inch or two by dinner time. The roads were great! I drove to the world famous Roaring Spring and back in The Van with no problems. Now, it snowed another 6 or 7 inches by lunch Saturday. Okay, that is a descent amount for snow plows to keep up with. So over the mountain and thru the cove to Grandmother's house I went for dinner. Now, the road I live on, Cranberry Road, is probably one of the most unknown, untraveled roads in the cove (which isn't really saying a lot, but bear with me here). So when I pulled out of my driveway and onto Cranberry Road and the road was very nicely plowed and clear of all snow I figured the rest of the roads, even the state roads would be even better. RAHHHHH!!! I pull onto Route 866, which is about the busiest and most known road in the cove and there's snow all over the place!!! What's up with that?? I gave the plowers the benefit of the doubt and decided to cast my decision on the snow removal on my way home from dinner. RAHHHHH!! Still snow and ice everywhere except the road in front of my house. I might have to stop one of the Covites riding his four-wheeler and tell him to but his plow on it and drive it up and down the road. Come on people let's move it! Hop to! Chop chop!

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Let me CLEARIFY some more things here. Don't e-mail me complaining about your AOL account and how it doesn't have those same internet icons. I don't really care. Frankly, I remember when I was once an AOL "loser" myself. Those days are long gone and that makes me a better person than you. Second of all, don't e-mail me and harass me about your IQ. The top two percent may be genius but I'm pretty sure the top 0.5% is a lot better than that. Of course that type of math I just did may be a bit beyond you, but that's ok. My pet spider monkey struggles with that one too.
After a few conversations I've had during the past few days, I thought some things needed to be clarified. Please note the following symbols and their meaning:

These are symbols used to internet browsing. Please observe their definition in order of appearance:

Back - This moves you back the previous page you were on
Forward - This moves you ahead if you have gone back
Refresh - This will reload the page you are currently looking at
Stop - This will stop the page you are currently looking at from loading
Home - This will automatically send you to your homepage.

Now these five buttons will appear all the time! You will never find one without the others.

These are symbols used when listening to music. Please observe their definition in order of appearance:

Play - This will start the music playing
Pause - This will pause the music exactly where it is.
Stop - This will stop the music
Last Song - This will go back and play the last song you just heard
Rewind - This will rewind the music until you hit stop
Fast Forward - this will fast forward the music until you hit stop
Next Song - This will skip ahead and start playing the next song

These buttons will also appear with one another. Do not get them confused!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Let me defend Pennsylvania for a second here. I want the record to state that when I was in high school snow did not stop my school district from closing. There would be ice on the roads and Jimmy would still have to get up normal time to catch the bus. The forecast would be for two feet of snow, but guess what? Jimmy is still waking up normal time to go to school. Now if when I got to school and the snow had accumulated to a few inches, they would let us out so we could get home in a vary slow fashion. At the time, this did stink because I would want off school like every single other school district within 50 miles. However, with a half day for us, we would never need to make up the snow day. So it's not Pennsylvania's fault for canceling school the night before, it's all of those superintendents from Florida and North Carolina who are making these decisions. Schools around Altoona didn't cancel until this morning and it did start to snow before they called it off. You don't mess around when there are mountains around. There are many roads around here I wouldn't want to drive in a few inches of snow and I've been driving in the stuff for 7 years now. I can fishtail my way out of any road! But I do drive according to the conditions, I don't fall under Andy's category 1 or 3 of snow drivers.

So my pet spider monkey lead me astray today. The weathermen were right and it looks like the bulk of the snow will hit tonight here. They're calling for about a foot of snow. Too bad my snowboard is in the shop getting sharpened and waxed still. But it wouldn't matter anyway, tomorrow and Sunday are paint-more-rooms day. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

So did anyone see the Christmas In Rockefeller Plaza special on NBC last night? If you missed it, I envy you. It Stunk, with a capitol S! First of all, just about ever single female artist was wear a big fur coat (Don't ever let me catch you wearing a fur coat, I will not be happy). What's wrong with fleece and snow jackets? Those are much more festive anyway. And don't give me crap about leather coming from animals. My sneakers are not to show off how much money I have, believe me. That's why Secret Sneaker is the place for me. Anyway, I got off the subject. You would think, since this was a Christmas Special with a Christmas Tree that there would be Christmas Carols (not Carol Vessy carols either, despite the lack of Ed). But NOOOOOOOOOO. Instead I had to suffer thru songs I hear on the radio by Jessica Simpson and her lover Nick Something-er-other, un-intelligible songs by Enrique Eglasies and dancing Hoochie Santa Babes (I'm not complaining about the Hoochie Santa Babes, I'm just trying to make a point). Anywho, the only decent song was sung by none other than American Idol Kelly Clarkson. I figured she'd just sing something called Miss Santa-Dependant or something like the rest of the artists who wrote their Christmas Songs about 30 minutes before the show started.

Oh well. It was a nice time at the Brady House anyway. I keep doing told I should be doing crafts for Christmas Gifts. It's obvious these encouragers (*cough * Julie Brady * cough*) have not seen my "artistic ability." I've seen 3rd graders with more talent at crafts than I have! But, let me tell you, when it comes to video games, I walk ALL over them! That's right, BRING IT ON LITTLE KIDS!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Another hectic day has come and gone. I'll tell you, the lines of communication are quite depleted at The Workplace. The saying there goes...Well I forget how it goes at the moment but as soon as I remember I'll let you know. The important thing to keep in mind is that there is a lack of communication on the corporate ladder. Let's hope that gets fixed someday. Also, hopefully me coding e-mail is done forever. Not that I'm not good at it, I'm sick of it. It seems now I will get to continue on developing log files and security. Here's how that goes: You change a setting, I ask you for your password, and if it's good I log what you changed and when you changed it. Easy peasy japoneesey. Not quite but it's not real complicated.

On a more serious note, could there possibly be more Christmas cards to choose from at Hallmark? Geez, All I wanted was a nice card for some special people and I had to choose from hundreds! It didn't help that 90 of those hundred were all quite sappy and not my style at all. But I was in luck! They had Sister and Husband cards! Boo YA! Or as Hallmark calls then, Sister and "Brother" cards. How long do you think it will be before Hallmark starts selling Brother and "Brother" cards??? Maybe they already do in Vermont . . . (sorry Janet, I know that was not nice, but I couldn't resist)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Well today, I went up in flames. That's right, yours truly stared a fire making breakfast and got completely engulfed in flames and then, I was no more. Of course, this wasn't real life, it was The Sims, but it's just about real. The neighbors came over and mourned my death then. Once I was reincarnate back as myself (I recreated myself again), I moved back in and sold my dead ashes for four bucks! I mean honestly, what isn't real about that?

So I coded today. All day. Type type type, test test test. I am now e-mail with VB6 master! If you want something e-mailed, you come to me. I will e-mail your batch data, your end of day reports, even your mix codes and material usages. No matter what the plant, I can write code to e-mail whatever you want! Maybe someday I can fix the copier and my abilities will be recognized.

On a final note, it snowed and iced last night. Apparently the snow-removal-service is a tad on the slow side here as I slipped and silted my way to work today. You know, it's not like there are a ton of roads around here. When you see it snow, go put some salt, or anti-skid at least, on the roads so I don't get behind cars going 5 MPH driving to work. Honestly, if you slide off the road what are you going to hit? A cow? A dirt mound? You're not going to hit another car, that's for sure, because there aren't any other cars around!

Monday, December 01, 2003

Well, I called up the PC company for the new computer and I've got to ship the whole darn thing back! I know what the problem is! It would be a whole lot cheaper for me to just mail the processor back than the whole big PC. Oh well, as long as they fix it so I can go back to doing whatever it was I did on that computer.

They say there's a storm brewing for this weekend. Honestly, when are people going to learn that we as mere human beings will never be able to predict the weather? My pet spider monkey could make more accurate predictions with a dartboard and blindfold than a scholared meteorologist could make with real-time radar. The key to predicting the weather is to be able to control the weather! Yeah sure, you laugh now, but my old pal Mitch has done it already! He ruined winter for all of us just a few years ago by making the temperature unseasonably warm for a few months. But hey, if all you want to get your hopes up (Tim Hillner) about snow predictions a week in advance then be my guess. I'll keep giving darts to my blindfolded pet spider monkey.