Monday, December 12, 2005

To respond to Moose's comment I have provided the following statement.

I do still use mp3 formats (with LAME encoding). As big an open source advocate that I am I haven't switched to Ogg Vorbis mainly because of compatibility issues with that format and my music devices. My car, stereos, DVD players, portable disc players, not a single one can play an Ogg Vorbis file (though my iRiver disc player claims it will eventually support it with a firmware upgrade, however they have been saying that for years and countless firmware versions ago). So since I like all those devices that I already own and I don't plan on replacing them anytime soon and I don't plan on converting my music library once anytime soon, I doubt I'll be switching in the foreseeable future.

Speaking of open source though, have you checked out the new version of Mozilla Firefox (1.5)? It supports bookmarks and I'm all siked about it (you can read more about it here)! For those of you who think I'm being sarcastic here, let me point out that I am still single and for probably obvious reasons...

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Moose said...

That's a very good reason to stick with mp3 format for now. Not having any such devices, I did not think of it myself. I've started ripping the new music I get into FLAC format.

As for Firefox, I'm just waiting for it to get marked stable in portage. I hear you can drag and drop the tabs also, sounds pretty sweet. I did try it a little in Windows, but since I'm very rarely in windows and spend my windows time playing games, I didn't do much with it.