Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Unless you're living in 1987, which I know approximate 32% of The Cove is, you've probably seen the commercials that pit Mac (i.e., Warren P. Cheswick from Ed) up against PC (i.e., some stocky quirky fellow). I, being a computer engineer and all, find these commercials to be highly amusing. In case you didn't know, I'm a PC junkie. I don't care much for Macs. I'm not saying Macs aren't good, I personally would just never buy one. I find the commercials amusing because usually the concepts Mac likes to brag about aren't entirely true. Take for instance the commercial I just saw tonight. PC is spinning a big wheel with the six different versions of the new Microsoft Windows Vista OS to determine which OS he should acquire. Mac implies that his OS already has everything one needs so there is no reason to have to choose, nor is there an option to choose. While, yes, Vista comes in many flavors depending on what you do with your PC, I can guarantee Mac OS is not going to have everything you need (unless of course you want exactly what they have which could still be the case with your selected version of Vista). The second commercial I enjoy is an older one. It's the one where Mac and PC are talking about the latest digital cameras. Mac states that all one has to do is plug it in, and boom it works. PC says that might not be the case with him. The facts here are as follows: 1) Pretty much all digital cameras you can plug into a computer are USB and simply appear as a new hard drive. No software needed unless you're using a Windows OS from the 90's (or the dreaded ME in which case, if you are still using, you should be shot). 2) If the camera uses some kind of brand new technology, newer than the OS, you're going to have to install new drivers whether your computer is a fruit or not. 3) If you dropped a lot of cash on your camera it probably uses Firewire instead of USB which is normally not standard on a PC (which is probably what Mac is exactly referring to hear), however this concept falls thru the floor if #2 is true.

My other favorite is when Mac wants to show PC his latest art project and all PC wants to do is calculate how much time they just wasted. I have no argument for it, I just find it entirely humorous! My main point throughout this entire post though is this. Who exactly is Apple marketing to here? Not my dad. He doesn't understand any of the Get A Mac commercials. And when I start to explain them to him he tunes (pun intended [iTunes you idiot, it's made by Apple]) me out. Those are the kind of people that Mac should be targeting. People that what something simple and straightforward. People that aren't interested in upgrading hard drives and processors and video cards. People that don't want to play kick a** games or download music illegally. Macs are for people that want to easily edit their home movies or pictures, easily listen to and download/edit music, or surf the net in a very simple, one button mouse fashion. My guess is only 25% of people understand the Get A Mac commercials and 90% of those people are actually PC junkies like me.

The world doesn't understand computers my friend. The world doesn't seem to want to understand computers. People just want them to do what they want them to do. The question you just need to ask yourself is what is it you actually want it to do? I want mine to lecture me on flower pedals and the 1950 Jaguar Roadster. I would also like it to give me a neck massage from time to time, but sometimes that's asking just a little too much apparently.


Elena said...

Hmmm, I came on your blog from your myspace. Now, don't ask me what I was doing on your myspace page, I was basically wasting time clicking on clickable things in clickable profiles.

Anyway, I read your post on Macs. I have a Mac. And and iPod. Love them both.
You might be a PC junkie, but you look like a Mac guy. No, strike that. You kind of look like THE Mac guy. You know, the one from the commercials :)

By which I mean you are handsome. Which is what I wanted to tell you to begin with, but I could not send you a message on myspace (you know, stupid Macs).

Jimmy said...

Hey thanks for compliment! I won't lie. I do the random clicking on MySpace thing. It's like being at a mall and watching people, only better because you can get information about the random people.

By the way, love my iPod too. I couldn't live without it! Well I could I guess I just wouldn't be as happy.

Christen said...

james, you pretty much are warren cheswick. an even handsomer version of warren cheswick. which is why all those cove hotties WANT you!!!

are you really surprised i said that thing about my bra size?? i didn't realize that was unlike me...i would have told you in person, it just never came up. and it seems you already knew!

i'm so glad you found a way to comment on xanga. i might open mine back up again, i just don't know...i'm thinking of blogging on another site now.