Friday, August 19, 2005

Apparently I have a copyright infringement problem. Not only did the copy place refuse to print out Jimmy Neutron, but now I'm being told at work that some of the names I have named applications may be a copyright concern. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the software I code at work is used only for The Workplace and not sold to outside vendors then I should be able to name them whatever the heck I want right? As Group X would say, "WROONGGGG!" This irritates me slightly because half the fun of coding an application is naming it. Of course, I'm going to be creative so if I were to theoretically (or actually) develop a program to be used for weighing trucks on a scale, I might name it Libra Scales because Libra is a star constellation that is a balance scale. To me, that's creativity. To others it's copyright infringement.

Let me give you another example. Let's say a colleague and I were to develop from scratch a time clock and real time transaction system for The Workplace and we decided to give it a name. We might come up with a catchy acronym like CenTiUM (Centralized Time Unit Manager) but sorry, that could be copyright infringement. So now I have decided to be completely dull with my application naming conventions and create something like Dull Named Scale App. You think I'm kidding but the next beta version is going to be called that. People also didn't like my Libra dancing hedgehog...

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