Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What is it that makes us different from a rock or a computer? What is it that makes us “alive?” Is it the amino acids that comprise our bodies? Is it the fact that we believe we are self-aware and have the ability to think? Although a plant can’t think, yet we allege that it is alive. Is it the fact that we adapt to the world around us and are responsive to external stimuli and grow and reproduce? While this is all true, it still does not tell me what makes me different from a piece of dirt or stone. Bottom line is that we all come from the same matter. Look up at the night sky sometime and you’ll see our origins. We are nothing more than mere star dust that at one time exploded from a supernova and for billions and billions of years floated around space until it came to rest in such a random pattern at such a random location that the growing, thinking, reacting you came to be. Funny how the star dust that once came from the same supernova wound up as a paper weight on that inanimate desk of yours.

You can argue that my belief in evolution is unbiblical, but I ask you, what is more impressive to you? A God who waves his hand an snaps his fingers and POOF there the world is with its deceitful artifacts and its out-of-date universe, or a God who carefully orchestrates the existence of the universe and life itself in such a way that it takes strict rules, billions of years and seemingly random patterns of quarks and molecules for a habitable planet to come about and a barrage of living creatures, one of which that would eventually become capable of understanding the universe and it’s origins.


Andy said...

I'm going with POOF as being more impressive. After all, your scientist friends say all that other stuff happened without God.

Jimmy said...

Not all of them. There are plenty of Christians who are scientists (note they are NOT "Christian Scientists") who believe in evolution.

Kath said...

In my Math class this semester I'm reading a book called "Mathematics: Is God Slient?", In this book I have learned a lot about how we find mathematics in and around nature and the universe, such as the golden rule, and I know that I am not very well educated in this area such as the two of you are, but I believe that God uses mathmatics to create and form the universe, so where I stand on this issue, I'm not sure I would call it evolution, but God has carefully designed things, in such a way that is very particular to mathematics and how we find it in so many places in nature and in the universe. So, theres my unknowledgable opinion.... See ya later James!