Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I found a new hobby today. I like to call it, Rub the Yankees' defeat in my dad's face until I can't take it any more. The man is a pure Yankees fan and it just bothers the heck out of me. When a single team's player is making more than entire team of players put together, there is something not right there. Although there is really something not right if said team still can't make it to the World Series.

Now I think its time for a little segment I like to call, Captain Jimmy's Odd List of Favorites!

Favorite Sheetz Milkshake Flavor: Strawberry
Favorite Programming Code Loop: For Each Loop
Favorite Female Video Game Player: Morgan Webb
Favorite Road Pavement Style: 60 day old pure concrete
Favorite Shirt Style: Short sleeve T worn over a long sleeve T
Favorite Car Manuver in the Snow: The E-Brake turn
Favorite Place To Floss: Between the second and third tooth from the middle on the top left.
Favorite Fog Style: When a layor of fog just covers the mountain sides and it looks like I'm driving next to giant cotton balls on my way to work.

1 comment:

Julie said...

James! Your favorite place to floss is my very least favorite place to floss!! How weird is that??