Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So I'm pretty sure that this past weekend my friends and I were the first Messiah alums to ever tailgate in a pickup (or any other vehicle for that matter) at a Messiah College soccer game! And it was tons of fun too. Hoards of chilli, soda, and brownies! What could really be better? Maybe a victory by the Stillers or Penn State, but I guess we can't always get what we want.

Let's take a look at something else here; the movie Doom. Despite what some people say, I have yet to see a good movie that has been based off a video game. And NO, Mario Bros was NOT a good movie. Tomb Raider may have been the closest, and I never saw it, but it would be the only video game movie I would consider seeing these days. As a former video game-a-holic the thing that Hollywood is missing is the fact that a video game is a movie, and it's an interactive one at that, that puts you the viewer into the lead role. The only people that would ever consider seeing a movie based on a game, are gamers themselves, and they are quite satisfied with their 3-D cutscenes and bad translations (remember All your base are belong to us!). So The Rock or no Rock, Doom was indeed doomed from the very beginning.


Andy said...

"Former" video game-a-holic?

Jimmy said...

I guess in theory once addicted always addicted. I just haven't played for so long...I long for it...I really do...But I have to keep my distance. Just one wiff, and I break...out. Get it?! Breakout! It's a video game! Hahahaha!