Monday, July 30, 2007

I gave blood again today as the American Red Cross was at The Workplace again. Today's gift for giving; a tiny cooler which looks like it's made for a six-pack. Two things that make me go "huh" here. The first is that the American Red Cross is providing you, the blood giver, a means to keep your six pack of beer cold when you go out. This is sort of like how public schools give out condoms to students I suppose. While the school does not condone sexual activity among students, it does want the students to be safe if they are going to have sex. So while the American Red Cross does not condone drinking, it will give you a cooler to keep your drinks cold in case you do happen to drink. The second thing here is where does one even obtain a six-pack of alcohol here in PA? A bar I suppose, but if you're getting your beer at a distributor like most Pennsylvanians then you are buying a whole case of the stuff and not just six cans. And a whole case ain't coming close to fitting in this cooler. I guess really if you're going to use the cooler for soda and not beer then this is really a moot point. But come on now, who honestly does that?

I guess it could also be used to transport an organ like a heart or something like that. Gotta keep those things cool you know?

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justin said...

Our blood drive at camp was on the same exact day.

All I got was a giant bruise and Cheerios Treats (think Rice Krispy treats) made by Sue Krause.

We felt jipped, because we went to The Cradle the next day who was advertising a blood drive where they were giving away pairs of tickets to a Mets game.