Thursday, July 19, 2007

You know what I find truly amazing about this world? It's the fact that we can populate this globe with over 6 billion people and not a single one of us look the same. That is unless of course one has an identical twin or some freakish cousin that looks identical and looses control when eating hot dogs. Now I know what you're thinking, "Come on Jimmy. I see people all the time that look like somebody else." Oh you are too smart for me Mr. Thinker. Okay fine, let's assume that every person within an 8000 miles radius has another person that they look identical too. This is completely unrealistic I think, but I'm doing this just to humor you. So we now all have an identical twin somewhere, we just just don't know where, causing this planet to now contain over 3 billion unique faces. Let me give you some examples as to what 3 billion looks like. If all three billion of these people were to make a line, stretch their arms out and touch one another (in a non Madonna way of course) they would rap around the planet 114 times. That is of course assuming that the average wing span is 5 feet, we are on a major circle of the Earth and we can stand on water and permeate matter (I'm not really sure what the average wingspan is, this is just a guess factoring in babies, children and the ridiculously giant Chinese mutants). A pile of one dollar bills, stacked 3 billion tall, would measure more than 189 miles into the atmosphere, or if stacked horizontal would nearly stretch from Pittsburgh, PA to my hometown of Lancaster, PA. And if you ever wanted to count to 3 billion at the rate of one number per second, well you better start young because it will take you 93 years to complete. This is would be quite impossible though because honestly you can't even say numbers like one hundred thirty million three hundred and fifteen thousand nine hundred and ninety seven in less than a second.

Okay, I'm straying from my point here. What I wanted to get across was how amazing people's uniqueness is. Knowing that there are over 3 billion different people out there and each and every person could be identified simply by looking at his or her face is just nuts. Honestly can you even fathom that? I mean how many different combinations of Nintendo Miis do you think you could create? 3 billion? Maybe because you could put eyes on some one's chin or a nose on the forehead. But for our DNA to be so incredibly similar and each and every one of us look so completely different, well I just find it pretty darn slick. I mean think about it. How many ants or grasshoppers could you look at in a line and identify each one by their face? I figure 100 maybe. Two hundred if you have really good eyes (or can hear voices).

Special thanks to a colleague at work who took time out of his/her extremely busy day (extreme sarcasm) to find me information on one billion statistics. The arm stretch thing, I just did my own calculations, because I'm weird like that.

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Moose said...

I had heard one time that the state budget (now $27 billion, at the time probably ~ $20 billion) in $100 bills could pave the turnpike from New Jersey to Ohio.