Friday, November 09, 2007

At the risk of sounding extremely girlie and/or possibly homosexual (which my track record can prove is not the case)(not that there is anything wrong with that), I'm still going to write about this topic. Why? Simply because, while reading it may sound girlie, I still know just about all 3 of my male readers think this too, but just choose not to discuss it at the risk of sounding, well, not manly. I just figure, screw it!

So with the advent of the cooler weather I decided to check out my sweater collection. Of course I really only delve into that drawer during the cold season because, well, only women wear sweaters in the summer. Upon opening the drawer I gazed in at my stash and was suddenly in sheer amazement. There, on the top of the pile, was my all-time favorite sweater! It shone like a brilliant light was cast upon it from On High at which time a chorus of Angels sang a single note that was the most beautiful sound ever known to Man! The sweater was less than a year old and was a birthday gift from The Sister (or so I seem to think. This little tidbit could be entirely not factual) last Christmas. Frankly the sweater isn't that impressive looking. It's a single shade of brown and looks like it is turned inside out all the time with the stitching and whatnot on the outside. I know, nothing to gawk at, but it could just be the single, most comfortable long sleeve shirt in existence today since the dawn of Long-Sleeve-Shirt time (or since year 0 LSSE [Long Sleeve Shirt Era]). In fact, I encourage any of you reading this to find a sweater that is more comfortable! Of course it ultimately would be my decision as to whether yours was more comfortable or not and to be honest, I would always pick mine just to prove that I was right. Because that's the kind of person I am, or so I try to project I am anyway.

So back to my point. I grabbed my brown sweater and threw it on, and headed off to work smiling like Steve Carrell who just told a joke only he thought was funny. How is it even possible that I forgot that this garment existed?! And now that I know I have such a thing, I'll be wearing it as much as possible while attempting to not allow my work colleagues to think I only own two articles of clothing, which frankly is much harder than it should be. People at The Workplace are way to perceptive when it comes to clothing.

Seriously (and I know you all think it), isn't it great when you find some article of clothing you completely forgot you had?! It's even better when it's your favorite piece of clothing. It's a feeling about as good as when you find a rolled up 10 dollar bill in your winter jacket that you haven't worn for 8 months. Although it is sort of the same thing really. I mean who doesn't love finding 10 dollar bills? Frankly I'd love to find 20 or 50 dollar bills, but I'm lucky to even have one of those in my wallet, let alone find one in a pocket somewhere. I'd also like to someday find a magic genie bottle and possibly even a giant vat of free Papa John's pizza, but preferably not in a pocket.

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The McWhorter Family said...

I get excited when I find clothes I forgot about too, but I am a girl :)