Monday, January 09, 2006

I didn’t quite meat my quota last Friday as I only played Need For Speed: Most Wanted for 9 hours straight. The time was cut short by my need to get up somewhat early the next day for my uncle’s 60th birthday party/Solstivus celebration. I must say it may have been the largest Solstivus festivity ever! Not only were there heaps of gifts given this year, but there was a Book of Solstivus created by none other than Til himself. There should be a link up shortly so you all can read and learn more about the ridiculous holiday founded by my family. It has yet to be decided as to what gifts will make the Hall of Fame and Honorable Mention this year but some of my picks right now are “Old Used Couch Arm Rest Covers,” “Collection of Years Past Ski Passes,” and “Broken Single Earphone.” While the Giving of the Gifts observance was larger than ever, it will take some time for the Elder Committee to decide on what gifts were the best. Of course after the Giving of the Gifts we all partook in the Solsti-Bowl in which a Miracle of Sostivus Past took place not once but twice! This was of course the Miracle of the Jumping Gutter Ball. All in all I think this proves that not only do I have one of the most bizarre families ever, but we have fun being bizarre.

And by the way, can I get some colder temperature and a little bit of snow here? It’s frickin’ January and it’s frickin’ 50 degrees outside. This wouldn’t irritate me so much if it wouldn’t happen every year! Now I have proof. Just check out previous posts from past Januaries. What the crap kind of ski season is this?

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Turner said...

So you game-addict sounds as though you need some more COURT TIME and less video time. When are we gonna play??? Massive props for the Karch reference too btw.