Thursday, January 19, 2006

I must be becoming an honest man or something. Suddenly I’m paying for the music (or TV Shows) I download and for software as well. I’m not quite sure what is coming over me. Well okay, maybe it’s not so much honesty as easibility. Downloading tunes these days has become such a hassle with those peer-to-peer applications. First you have to find about 50 computers that have exactly what you’re looking for if you want to download the thing this century. Second there is no guaranty that you’ve downloaded what you think you’ve downloaded. Take that time in college my roommates and I tried to download The Matrix 3: Revolutions before it was out. We ended up with some form of Swedish porn. These days there are wrongly names files, corrupt data, even incomplete, or poorly ripped tunes out there. Thirdly I’m sick of searching for hackz and crackz that don’t work on the latest versions of the software I’m looking for. I usually wind up with some sort of porn a long this search to. Also the software thing now I can sort of sympathize with since that’s pretty much what I do at work. If I were to write some simple little program I’d want people to pitch in a little bit (a few bucks) if they were going to download and use it (unless the thing was super-duper useful and it put bigger companies like Apple or AOL in a frenzy and they had to pay me to take the thing off the web, then it would be free). Maybe my days of illegal activities aren’t over yet, but frankly I just don’t fee like putting the time into it anymore.

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