Monday, January 16, 2006

In case you missed it this weekend I shall recap the Stillers game just as it took place exactly one day ago (subliminal message: New England Lost! Hee Hee! Stupid Tom Brady!!).

Wow Ben looks good today! Touchdown! Yes! That’s right! Owe come on, where’s the flag! Another Touchdown! Push ‘em back!

Half time: Can you believe what’s going on here?!

Nice! No! Yes!…Enter last quarter.

NO! NO! What happened to the blitz? NO! YEEESSSSS (jumping up and down) – NOOOOOOO (immediately falling on the floor)! WHAT THE #@$% call is that!? (followed by more obscenities). Yes! YES! YEAHHHHH WAAAH WHOOOO (more jumping up and down and high five slapping)! AHHHHHH NOOOOOOO (falling on floor yet again)!!!! GET ‘EM! GET HIM!!!! SOMEBODY!!!!

Block it! BLOCK IT! HE MISSED IT! AHH HAHAHAHA YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Rapped up with extreme body fatigue and relief while slumping into a rag doll on the couch.

If football was like that every weekend I don’t think I’d watch but once a year.


Amy said...


I really relocated my blog, but I didn't want to reveal that to the wrong person, but your comment does leave me wondering what it would be like to totally walk away from blogging. I, too, find it to be an outlet unlike any other. In relocating, I decided to allow my sister access and that has already changed how I look at writing.

Oh, and while I am a Patriots fan, Tom Brady and the Pats played horribly on Saturday. Great game with the Steelers!!

Turner said...

I wouldn't brag about a team who won because the other team missed a field goal. Although, I am inclined to cheer for those ugly Steelers because they sent Peyton home with Puffs Plus.