Monday, July 24, 2006

I know you’ve all done it before. I think sometimes I may actually do it too much. What is it? Laughing when you are not supposed to. I can’t tell you how many I have sat in meetings at The Workplace and tried to the best of my ability to control my laughter; one time in particular occurred a number of months ago when a rep from IBM came to train us programmers on DB2 databases. Don’t get me wrong, the guy knew more about the topic than probably Einstein did about Relativity but he was hilarious as all get out! The kicker was that he didn’t even try to be funny, he just was! I definitely just sat there in my seat at times with a big old smile on my goofy looking face trying to turn away to hide my body spasms. Why do we do this? Even worse are the “laugher fits” that I get from time to time. Usually they end up with me on the floor rolling around (that’s where we get the Instant Message acronym you know? ROFLMAO (Rolling on floor laughing my a** off. IMers never use this term literally of course). Laughing fits can be evidence of multiple things ranging from Marijuana overdose, to drunkenness, to Bipolar Disorder. Now I’m not telling you this to make you think that I have issues. Of course not! I am letting you know that I don’t mean to laugh at you intentionally (most of the time) and if any of you other readers out there have this problem, just know that help is available! Thank goodness for wikiHow!

So while you might see my laughing as rude I just find myself laughing at life and how I see things.

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