Friday, July 28, 2006

So I'm doing this MySpace gig right? And I get a message in my inbox there from a little fellow (I'm saying little fellow because his picture was of a 7 year old boy) who wants to be my friend. Now maybe I'm reading into this a little too much, but are the child predator police trying to lure me into a trap? Now I'm not a child predator and I definitely don't play one on TV, but does my profile warrant me as a child predator in any way, shape or form? At which point did I state on my profile or homepage that I enjoyed being around little children? This could just be the funniest thing ever since those that know me know I don't like little kids at all. They cry, they drool, they have snot all over themselves, they talk obsessively and they cry some more. Mothers out there feel free to take offense, but deep down you know my assessment of little kids is correct. In any event honestly, would I really be into the kiddies if MySpace is showing all the nice sexy ads with the fly girls posing all pretty and trash-like? Not that I go for trash-like fly girls that like to pose.

In other news that would only happen in England read about this article and speculate all you want!

News of the Weird reported in 1996 on the eccentric, but legitimate contracts sold by British insurance executive Simon Burgess, e.g., the policy that would pay the then-equivalent of about $160,000 in the event the insured were abducted by an alien, with double indemnity if the insured were also impregnated (and since alien powers are unknown, male pregnancy was covered, as well). In June 2006, three sisters in Scotland revealed that they are renewing their 6-year-old policy from Burgess that would pay them the equivalent of about $1.84 million in the event any of them gives birth to Jesus Christ (should he return), to cover the cost of raising him. [BBC News, 6-22-06]


Lindsay said...

Maybe you should adopt this little boy as your son, after all he is the age of 7, which is the perfect age of a child for you. See this is a sign. This little boy just didn't pick you randomly, it was fate that brought you together!!

Jimmy said...

Was it also fate that sent him to be notified to MySpace as SPAM? Oh no, that was just me. Mean, errogant me!