Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I mean did you watch American Idol last night? Sweet fancy moses! So check it out dawg. This is my third season of being an avid viewer of the show. The last two seasons I've been pretty impressed with the contestants. This season, not so much really. I mean yeah there are about four or five I think are really good, but the rest just aren't going to cut it. Now I'm sure this next guy has probably gotten a lot of slack from the blogging community, but he's about to get a little more. This Senjia kid. Frankly the boy creeps me the heck out! He's like a cross between Michael Jackson and Prince, but without the singing and dancing skills. And lets face it, without their dancing and singing skills those two artists are only left with creepy. Last night's rendition of You Really Got Me originally by The Kinks made me want to get up from my seat and lock all the doors in my house! And did you see that 10 year old girl balling her eyes out? She must have went thru some kind of drama before the show because really there is no one there to cry like that over! Especially Creepy MJ/Prince Boy. Was she crying because she was extremely happy or extremely traumatized? I don't know, I don't understand it. Right now my two favorite picks are Blake Lewis - The Human Beatbox and Melinda Doolittle, the humble backup singer from Tennessee. My next two favs are the rocker Gina Glocksen and white fro boy Chris Sligh. Is it just me or do all the contestants seem the have names like rock stars already? Anywho, perhaps if Nicole Kidman or Campbell Brown was in the competition, I might have had something to cry over.

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