Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm sure you all know and have heard that we are observing a new Daylight Saving Time this year, and for a couple years to come. What you all apparently don't know is that it is NOT Daylight Savings Time. Please stop saying it that way, and typing it. About the stupidest thing I have seen yet is an email I got at work about updating my PDA for the new DST. I was so happy to see the subject "Daylight Saving Time" and read about Daylight Saving Time in the first sentence. Unfortunately every sentence after that it was back to Daylight Savings Time. We are not keeping a multitude of savings of daylight here people. We are saving daylight in the singular form on a daily basis. And since I'm on the topic of pronunciations, it's pronounced Alz'hime-ers. No where in the word is there a T, and no where should there be a hard T sound. It's not All-timers. And the planet is NOT your-anus, it's yer-a-nis. And the last time I checked, you were going to get your prostate checked out, NOT your prostrate. And the word height never did and never will have a th at the end of it. Sweet fancy moses!


Lindsay said...

Gee whiz, you almost make me afraid to talk to you for fear I would mispronounce a word! I word I ALWAYS say wrong is recur; I always want to say reoccur. If it occurs, then it should reoccur, not just recur. Turns out reoccur isn't a word...who knew?

Jimmy said...

Naw you're okay. As long as you don't say the words I listed above you'll be fine. I had no idea reoccur wasn't a word, although I don't think I've ever used that before. I'm sure there are words I mispronounce. Maybe I need a 5th grader to educate me. Have you seen that show yet? Are You Smarter Than a 5th grader? There is no way I learned that junk in grade school.