Monday, March 13, 2006

Jose Canseco is a bumbling idiot! And anyone who thinks otherwise can be labeled the same as far as I'm concerned. Only about 20% of the words coming out of his mouth can be deemed relevant or accurate. The rest are either blatant lies or phrases so ambiguous nothing could ever be concluded from them. Anyone that responds to questions regarding where one received his information by saying something along the lines of "my sources will be made public soon enough," should be whacked on the back of the head like the 12 year old he is acting like should. I'm convinced anyone who chooses to interview the guy these days is doing so for the soul purpose of humiliating him. No other outcome could come from such a dialogue for I have yet to see a discussion with the man where I haven't said out loud in an irritated voice, "What an idiot!"


Andy said...

I haven't seen or heard anything about Jose in at least a few weeks. What's with the sudden invective? Not that you're wrong, of course.

Jimmy said...

Ehh, I saw him on ESPN this past weekend. I think it was Outside The Lines.