Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So here’s my gripe about American Idol. Keep in mind I try and watch this show religiously, so I’ll be fairly judgmental. First of all is it at all possible for Randy to act his proper age? I’m guessing you’d be pretty hard pressed to find another fellow born the same year as him saying phrases like, “Yo, so check it out dawg,” or “Aight I’m diggin’ it.” Also the three fingered hand wave can also fall in the Act Your Age category. Second I realize that the judges want some diversity in the songs but don’t pick a theme that doesn’t really have any brisk songs in it and then be disappointed with the lack of energy from the contestants. Stevie Wonder is a great artists, but lets face it, not too many 18 year olds are walking down the street jamming to Part-Time Lover on their iPod. Finally are the producers even letting the contestants choose what they want to look like anymore? If they were I’m pretty sure some of them wouldn’t have looked like they did last night. Maybe I’m a little obsessive about the show, but hey it’s Tuesday and frankly I have no life really during the week.

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Justin said...

Yo, yo Dawg, I'll tell you whats up, it was kinda pitchy man, but otherwise you do the dawg pound right. RIGHT DAWG POUND?!?! WOOF WOOF WOOF.

Sorry, Thats my Randy.

I can't believe they're going to color Taylor's hair, and what they did to Bucky's hair! I agree, let them be who they are.

Stevie Wonder night stunk, but this week's theme (Songs from the 1950's) sound like it'll be worse. We need better themes! But you gotta admit Kevin's Part time Lover was hilarious (TEQUILA!)

Anyway, I canr amble on about AI forever. But its all about Mandisa!