Thursday, March 09, 2006

Human emotions are an interesting thing aren't they? They can keep us from sleeping, keep us from eating, even keep us from talking to others. Sometimes I think how great it would be if we just didn't have to deal with all that stuff. Then I remind myself how dull this life would truly be without them. Sure the drama would be all gone, but how can you admire the beauty of a crisp sunny day without the damp and dreary rainy one? The emotions that we feel help define who we are. So even while a sleepless night is fine here and there, it's the massive emotional overflows that make me see how nice it sometimes is to live a very dull life . . .

By the way, if you're ever at The Workplace and you find the man that stole my mom's pink shirt, tell him to work a little faster and to quit complaining about not getting things done because the new hire is driving his van around!

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