Sunday, May 07, 2006

Laws of Attraction. I tried to explain these to a fellow co-worker this week and what she came away with from that conversation was that “gay people smell.” Let me just state for the record, this was not even close to the point I was trying to get across. Pheromones. We all have them. They are chemical secretions from the body that are physically undetectable except thru some kind of 6th sense from another body. It has been postulated that pheromones are the reason people feel “chemistry” between one another at a first meeting. We sense these pheromones using our basic sense of smell. It’s what some companies have been trying to market in their colognes and perfumes to help people attract members of the opposite (or same depending on which way you swing) sex. Science says that I am attracted to other people that have different immune systems and are immune to different diseases and viruses than myself so that our offspring can inherit both parent genes and have twice the immunity that myself and mate solely have. Basically Science says that we are attracted to one another simply to produce superior offspring and that it’s by detecting other’s pheromones that I can determine who the best mate will be to produce such progeny.

So in a nutshell, it’s that simple really. Do I believe such a theory? Well in theory (pun intended of course) it sounds good, but I guess the real question is do I want to believe such a theory? It’s no secret I enjoy marveling at the mysteries of this world. I doubt that each person has what some call a “Soul Mate,” a single person out there that exists only for another individual. The world just isn’t that mysterious. I prefer the think that the Laws of Attraction are derived from our environment growing up, our personalities, and of course what we perceive of as beauty. You know the saying; “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The thing that is interesting about that saying is that while our eyes perceive this world in two dimensions (our brain actually converts those two dimensions into three, but how it does so still remains a mystery) we as people are clearly hyper-dimensional, and the beauty we see goes well past the eyed two dimensions and into depths and proportions so deep that if we were to ever get lost in them, we would never return. Surprisingly enough that exact situation tends to occur quite often in nature. I believe they call that Love.

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