Sunday, May 21, 2006

The state of New York bought me a pizza! Better yet, they bought me a pizza here in The Cove. "How is this so?" you say. The Story is as follows and not a single word of it is made up! This I truly tell you.

For two weeks out of every year I work for The Stony Brook School Summer Programs on Long Island. I coach volleyball there to junior high girls who are wanting to develop their game a little more in a Christian atmosphere (it's a Christian camp). It's great fun. But anyway, because I am employed in the state of New York for that short period of time, I need to pay my rightful taxes to that lovely (note the sarcasm) state. Most years Stony Brook does not take enough money out of my paycheck to take care of all the taxes and thus I end up owing New York money come April 15th. This past year however was different and The Summer Programs actually did well and took out just a little too much of my paycheck, and I wound up with a nice big juicy check this year for a whopping nine dollars! This money meant so much to me that it actually sat on my kitchen counter for about 4 weeks before I finally took the time to go get it cashed. But this past Friday I did just that and oh was I feeling good! So good in fact I decided to treat myself to a nice pizza for dinner. So I went down to my local Foxes Pizza and got myself a nice medium pizza with the usual pepperoni and sausage. And what would you know, but my grand total expense for the pizza was exactly nine dollars.

And that my friends is the story of how the state of New York bought me a pizza. Take what you will from this story but as my uncle would say, "At the very least I have done you no harm."

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Justin said...


I owed NY $30!