Monday, September 04, 2006

So I went to a wedding this past weekend with a friend who moved to Alabama recently. Lucky for me my friend didn't tell me she was in the wedding until after I said I'd go with her. Why would she do something like this? Who knows? It's what she does. So Saturday morning I took off for Pittsburgh (as that was were the wedding was at) to meet my very hung over friend at some mall (the reason she was hung over was because she would rather drive 6 hours to hear a band play and get completely trashed from free drinks [**cough** groupie! **cough**] than see her real friends. But hey, I'm just along for the ride). So I got to the mall and it turned out since she was so late rolling out of bed and getting to Pittsburgh, I didn't need to drive her to the bride's house, but another friend was taking her straight to the church. So that left me 2.5 hours to chill at some random Pittsburgh mall. Now let me just say this mall was way bigger than any mall I live near. So I took off and did a little shopping. Not to sound girlie or anything but I walked out of Aeropostale with 2 shirts and a pair of pants (why is it a pair of pants anyway? I'm only getting one!) for 37 bucks! C’est bonne marché! Lucky for me since I needed some pants for the wedding (okay so I had pants to wear, but I wasn't sure they would fit. Not the first time I've had to squeeze into pants for someone unknown person's wedding).

So finally it was time I should have been at the church so I got changed at three different places. I threw my pants on in the mall restroom (which smelled very cinnamonie by the way). I stripped and changed shirts in the mall parking lot. And rapped my tie around me at some random Subway. I also nearly suffocated myself using my body spray (Tag to be exact [it still doesn't work as advertised! You know, sexy chicks flying thru the air to grab my shirt and kiss the crap out of me.]) in my car with the windows up (it was flippin' cold outside!).

As if that wasn’t enough, there was the wedding and the reception, but more to come on that later.

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