Monday, September 25, 2006

Yes, the rumors you have heard are true. It was the best Jamesapalooza ever! We’re talking chicks in the pool in their underwear, chicks making out in the bathroom (supposedly), dudes downing yards of beer, people searching for their shoes (yet again), and the list could continue on and on. Is there video? Perhaps. Will it find it’s way to the Internet? I’m sure. Eventually. But not anytime soon.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Okay I have more. Right now I’m sitting here watching the football game with 3 other participants of Jamesapalooza and we’ve been recapping events all day. Events such as “Where’s Kelly?” and “Jamie’s and A** HOLE!” and “You’ve got hot chicks making out in your bathroom!” and “Mumble mumble mumble SMOKE!” Okay, now I’m done.

So my gripe this month is people who drive expensive, high performance sport cars and refuse to go the speed limit. And by that, I’m not talking too fast. I was behind a brand spankin’ new white Mustang last night for 15 minutes going an average of 45 MPH on a 55 MPH state road. A week agao I was behind a gorgeous new silver Corvette, and we were going about 35 in a 45 zone. And worse yet is every other day I get behind a Camero leaving work going about 45 in a 55 where I like to go 70. What’s the deal here? If I could afford such a car, surely I could afford the speeding tickets I’d be racking up going way over the speed limit. So here’s the deal people. Drive a fast car, drive fast. Because my 2004 Chevy Cavalier should NOT be tailing and pushing you down route 36.


DMM said...

Hysterical!! Yet another pet peeve - those who pimp out their rides only to see they should be sending their ride to the junk yard. There's a guy I pass every day in a julopee that has the most bitchin rims yet rust all over the car.

Lindsay said...

Putting the video on the internet will break the party pact. It just can't be done!! You have already posted too many details. I have people mad at me for not telling who was in the pool & who the hot girls in the bathroom were!!!

DMM said...

James - I told the hubby you had a rockin party and he's all bent out of shape that we didn't come. He said he WILL attend the next one with or without me.

Giddy Up Cowboy!!

Jimmy said...

Sure beats the heck out of Chocolate Fest!