Saturday, September 24, 2005

So I was sitting on my recliner today reading about Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado and his experiments in the 1970s with implanting circuit chips in the brain of animals and humans when all of the sudden there was a sudden BANG! at the back door. It sounded like someone threw a stone at the storm window. So I quickly stood up and looked over at the door and to see that it was completely shattered! I saw no signs of abuse or anything. The glass just seemed to spontaneously shatter in its place. Upon closer investigation of the broken door I was amazed to discover that the shattered window continued to shatter and break right in front of my eyes! It sounded like the door was made out of Rice Crispies and just kept snap, crackle and popping. Once I knocked the glass all out and cleaned it up, the pile of glass that now resided in the trash can continued to break and shatter! If anyone could provide me with any kind of explanation to this enigma, I would greatly appreciate it! Here are the facts:
  • Glass door spontaneously shatters into thousands of pieces with no signs of any external stimuli
  • Once shattered and what I thought was all the glasses kinetic energy had been expelled, the broken glass continued to shatter and break without any intervention
  • Once knocked down and inside the trash can, the pile of glass continued to break and shatter even more
Could it be that by just reading about Delgado's experiments with the brain, I was able to use telekinesis to subconsciously destroy what was symbolically the doorway from a closed controlled mind to an openly vast new area of enlightenment?


Andy said...

Your door must have been made of tempered glass check it out

Anonymous said...

Aliens have been conducting clandestine experiments in the Cove for quite some time. It seems obvious that you were not meant to witness the destruction of the doorway. Now that you have, your only hope for protection from their ultrasubsonic molecular destruction ray (UMDR) is to dress in heavy duty aluminum foil from head to toe. For further proof of the existence and power of UMDR, check out the recently declassified Chemical Debonding of Basalt in Area 46 by U. Boomer.