Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Someday I may write a book about club etiquette, but for now, I'll just shorten it to a blog post.

On a comical side note I was at a seminar yesterday in Pittsburgh regarding Opto22 hardware and the group was asked a question as to whether anyone knew what a blog was. Only 3 of us raised our hands, I was just about speechless, but then most of the people there were mid-40 males who probably had 10 secretaries at work to do any sort of computer bidding they wished.

So back to the topic at hand, here's what baffles me about club etiquette. If you're a girl, you go to the bar and sit there, flirting with the bartender hoping to get more drinks at a lesser or no cost. Once the music comes on the girl is up and dancing with anything that moves. If the girl sees a boy that the girl may be into she turns her back to him and steals a glance every minute or so thinking, "How can this person not know I am into him? I am making it so obvious!" This sort of thinking could have led to the downfall of women had men not stepped in and drunkenly randomly danced with anything with two breasts. As luck would have it every now and then both Boy and Girl get lucky and make eye contact and dance around for a little. Sometimes however this does not happen so Girl goes back to her seat at the bar where she is back to flirting with the bartender, but now she has striked up a conversation with the girl next to her effectively blocking out any other conversation from the opposite sex that may come her way.

In the meantime Sober Boy is standing at the bar scoping out his prospectives for the night. He finds a target but is disappointed at the fact the girl already has a boy she is with. So the boy continues on. Then at some point Girl is trashed enough from all the free drinks that she is dancing with only other girls and no longer acknowledges that there are guys in the world. Anyone with two legs will be treated the same on the dance floor. The boy on the other hand never ever gets this trashed as he needs to continue paying for his drinks all night long.

The process continues until that lucky occurrence happens I mentioned before, or both parties get tired and dangerously drive home only to get just a few hours of sleep before needing to meet obligations later that day.

Of course the above observation is just that, an observation, and not all people fall into those categories. So if you find yourself at the club scene, be sure to remember what I just wrote and don't do the norm, it may just pay off. Although I have yet to experience it paying off . . .

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Amy said...

I suddenly rememmber why I don't go clubbing. Thanks for the reminder!!