Friday, February 24, 2006

Well The Workplace Expo 2006 is finally over. It has occupied my time for the last four days and I am quite happy to see it go and not come back for another two years. We demo-ed our blacktop/popcorn plant again like last time. I wasn’t so sick of popcorn though this time around. This popcorn plant is probably the most expensive and extravagant popcorn machine that exists in the world today. If I acquire a picture, I’ll gladly submit it so you all can see it. You are also reading a post from one of the worlds leading experts of the physics of popcorn, and salt flow.

While IT did it’s little video game racing event again, I was not eliminated from the competition this year as I am no longer in IT, but Automation. Translation: I kicked arse in the game and walked away today with a brand spankin’ new PS2 Mini and steering controls! Next time I’m sure all of corporate employees will be excluded from winning. I just keep ruining it for more people. It’s their own fault though. Here’s a small tip: Don’t have video game contests when you have 20 some year old guys working for the company. Especially ones that have had and are recovering from an addiction problem and have “Video Game Night” every Friday from 5pm to 3am.

All in all the Expo wasn’t so bad. I got to know some fellow employees much better and even did a little social event with some of them last night. While I still believe that this expo is a tremendous waste of money and my time, I do walk away with a crap load of free stuff every two years! Here are some of my favorite booths from Employee Expo 2006:
  1. Procare: A local fitness club, here you got to test your balance skill on a cool machine that was completely configurable with resistance and feet position.
  2. UPMC Medical: This is currently my health care provider but at the booth they were doing bone density test. Despite the amount of milk I drink daily I was told I should be taking calcium supplements with magnesium, along with more dark green vegetables.
  3. Altoona Medical: An Altoona medical facility that perfored a body composition analyzer. Some cool stuff I learned about my body:
    1. Total body mass that is fat: 24.6 lb
    2. Total body mass that is water: 103.21 lb (which is insane by the way!)
    3. Body Impedance: 529 Ohms
    4. I should gain another 10.61 lbs to be my ideal body type – no thanks!
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