Monday, June 05, 2006

It’s amazing how much we grow over time and don’t know it. I had the opportunity this weekend to see some friends that I went to college with that I hadn’t seen since then. Three years I guess it’s been; almost to the day. Sitting around just talking, listening, learning; there is so much that is the same, yet so much that is different about these people. And it’s that talking, listening and learning that make me realize how much I have changed and grown over the years. It’s sort of sad to see those people of the past disappear. Even though you’re looking the physical being right in the eye, it’s not the same person you once knew. But it is so refreshing to get to know the person they have become and to look forward to the person that they will be. When we spend time after time with people that we know we tend to miss the minor changes that occur within us over time. It’s like as a child you don’t remember that one day you when you were short and the next you were tall. It happened so subtly that you never even noticed it until a year later. The living, spiritual being that we all are is no different than the physical being we charade on the outside in that regard. Sometimes you just need to give life some time so you can step back and see who we all are becoming. Maybe someday I’ll get to meet some other people I once knew all over again.

Congratulations buddy!

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