Tuesday, June 27, 2006

After driving to Buffalo, NY and back sixty-gozobble times and back this month I came to notice a whole slew of road signs that absolutely mean squat to me. The following is what the signs read and what I think in response to it. You can think of it like a Psychologist's word game. "I'll say something, and then you tell me what you think."

Left Turns and Crossroads -- I'm sorry did I miss something? What happened to my right turns? And what about the left turns and crossroads? Funny how I don't even see any other "roads" intersecting mine for miles after this sign.

CHURCH -- No kidding? Funny I didn't see the sign for DEPARTMENT STORE or HOUSE a few blocks back . . .

Speed Zone Ahead -- It's the darndest thing. When I think speed zone I'm thinking speed up, not slow down. I hate New York.

No Turn On Red -- These signs in NY must only be optional.

Changing the topic real quick, the latest member of The Blogging Crew can be found over thar (that's right chumps, I said thar, not there) in the right column. While she won't express her name in her blog to hide her identity, I will. Enjoy! http://dmmos.blogspot.com/

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DMM said...

Well at least you didn't put FATTY down as my name...