Thursday, June 01, 2006

Not only is it hot, it’s F’in hot! Have I ever mentioned that I hate the heat? And what I hate more then heat is humidity. It’s like a double negative that doesn’t turn out positive. Okay it’s not like that. It is that. When I grow up I think I’m going to move to Maine. Or better yet, Canada. Have you heard about the health care those guys get? I can speak Canadian eh? Yah.

And it is just me or has Dateline on NBC turned into the Online Predator show? It seems like ever time I see Dateline on it is busting more online vultures. What are they up to now? Part V, VI? And now since the predators are getting smarter and are skeptical to enter the houses, they have bribed little children to help seduce these sickos into the home. Just what I want my child doing; luring sexual predators into a house to be aired on TV. What do they give them to do that? Jujyfruit? Snickers? If I were twelve and luring child molesters into a house I’d probably want the mother load of movies or Swedish Fish or something like that. And is anyone else amazed that all of these people getting arrested seem to live in the same neighborhood? Or are they really driving hours just to see some little kid take their close off?

And there it was, one of the most famous lines from the sitcom Seinfeld, “But I don’t wanna be a pirate!” Not that this has anything to do with anything else, just watching Seinfeld and thought I’d keep you informed.

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