Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So I’m back in Buffalo, NY only this time it was short notice. So short in fact that they were nearly out of hotel rooms when I made my reservation. What does that mean for me? Well it means that I get a handicap hotel room. Luckily I wasn’t taking it away from anyone that needed it, but I did feel a little embarrassed about doing such a thing. At least that was until I got into my room.

Now let me set the scene for you. In a handicap hotel room they obviously try to accommodate the intended user, which means that the bathroom is laid out a little different as well as the room itself.

So let's start with the bathroom. The shower is about twice the size of a typical shower, which is awesome, however there is only a quarter inch lip that keeps the water inside the shower area. This results in a flooded bathroom floor every time you shower! No exceptions! Where do you put the floor towel in that case? Next, the room sits on the first floor of the hotel and low and behold, it faces the parking lot. This means that when my window curtain is open, any darn fool who is walking to their car only has to turn their head to see me getting dressed or playing air guitar to my iPod. Not cool since I love to let as my natural light into a room as possible. Finally, each room in the hotel has internet access via a standard CAT5 cable. Super! However, due to the different room layout for the handicap the wall jack lies right behind the nightstand in the corner of the room. This wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t forgotten my own 20-foot cable, but of course I forgot. The hotel only supplies a three-foot cable which means that currently I am sitting in the corner of my room, on the floor squeezed up against the wall and the night stand just to write this stinkin’ blog entry. Go figure, the three-foot cable does NOT reach the bed.

It’s now apparent to me that handicap rooms aren’t for the handicapped, but for people who wish to feel handicapped. The biggest question I have right now is what does that button outside my room door do that says, "Please hold for 5 seconds?" Dare I push . . . ?

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