Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Chicks Aspire to Be . . .I refuse to believe anything except that the fact that the sole reason chicks dig Halloween is because they think it gives them a legitimate excuse to dress up like tramps (I have countless pictures from this year’s parties and past of friends [all mostly female] doing just this) without having to explain themselves. Not that I’m complaining here, it just fascinates me that this is what women secretly aspire to be. Because, lets face it, when you pick out a costume for Halloween you pick something that you “want to be.” I want to be Batman, ergo I pick up a Batman costume and I’m on my way. All chicks, they apparently desire to be sluts, whores, and devil sex puppets, so they go out (or dig into their closets that contain thousands of secret hooker clothes that they don’t let on exist when really they go home and don them after a rough day at work because they like it) and get themselves a “costume.” Now, I know I just exposed a huge secret that women have been trying to hide for years, but let’s face it, this isn’t news to anyone. Neither is the fact that when you claim you’re having “slumber parties,” you’re actually having pillow fights in your underwear and naughty group showers. Like I said before, this really isn’t news to anyone.


Anonymous said...

Not all women...I freaking DISPISE Halloween. Not that I don't think I could pull of one of these little outfits but I really do think girls are stupid.

You would have loved the night club I went to on Saturday - you want to talk about costume's!! WOWZAAAAAA - all mother's would not have been proud.

grettab said...

I was going to dress up as a Mennonite (a whole family actually, they always travel in packs) or else Flashlight Holder Girl - an unsung Super Hero of the home renovation/repair world, also responsible for keeping track of "Where Did I Put My Cordless Drill Man." But lets not delve too deeply into my troubled psychosis.