Sunday, October 15, 2006

Let's Go PSU!So the Penn State game this weekend . . . AWESOME! Of course it was made oh so much better by me being there. Boo Yah! Jenn, Curt and I got there around 230PM armed with a crap load of burgers, beer, chips and dip and wine (for the sister of course). The weather was a little cool, but it didn’t stop us from partying with the crowds. One of the guys a few cars down from us had the best shirt ever. It read, “F$#! Michigan and the Wolverine they rode in on!” on the back and “F$#! Michigan” in the front. You can’t really beat that. Of course it was a whiteout so we all had our white/grey State Gear. But since Curt had five layers of hunting gear before he put his shirt on, he looked like a man with the biggest love handles EVER so Jenn refused to let him walk into the stadium dressed like that. Jenn didn’t wear her white to avoid looking like the Pillsberry dough boy (she was going to wear her shirt over her winter jacket), so I was the only one left participating with my hat and t-shirt.

So before eating we walked around the stadium a few times. I tried to find my buddy Nevling, but after two phones calls and sorting thru 200,000 people I didn’t have any luck finding him. So we went back and ate our burgers (in the car of course because it was getting rather chilly outside and windy). Luckily by game time the wind had died down and we took off to enter Beaver Stadium. We walked in and came to halt as the Wolverines made their way to the field (Curt and I booed them all the way). During this process we got trapped between two fences. We were trapped like a fat boogie in a tissue. Once the gate started to open all hell broke loose. People just started pushing and shoving and it was mass chaos. Luckily we made it out alive, short of breath thanks to some lungs collapsing under the pressure and me groping 10 people as my hand got stuck down somewhere below my waste and near oh too many people’s crotches quite unwillingly.

So we made it to our seats with plenty of time to spare. The rest of the game can be summed up in the next sentence. Penn State played crappy until the last 5 minutes when there was actual excitement but they couldn’t pull off another victory in the last 2 minutes. But the game was a blast and the loudest I’ve ever been too. I was one of 110,007 fans in the stadium that day. The second largest in Beaver Stadium history! My voice was pretty much dead by the end of the game with me yelling the whole time, but that’s what game day is all about.

So the day ended when we finally got out of the parking lot an hour after we made it to our car and fought the traffic almost all the way home. As Mastercard would say:

One hour drive to State College: $10
All the tailgating necessities; beer, chips, burgers, wine: $40
Three hour drive home from State College: $15
Having the time of your life with your favorite sister and brother-in-law in Beaver Stadium at the Whiteout of 2006: Priceless!

Of course if you want to view the pictures, just click here.

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