Friday, December 29, 2006

How many years does the temperature have to be above average before that becomes the average? It’s been flippin’ 50 degrees here in The Cove for the past month. Ski resorts aren’t opening, weeds are still growing and even the bugs make an appearance on the really warm days. Just today I heard again about the temperatures that have been exceeding the normal average and the forecasters are completely surprised by this. Regardless of what The Knob says the past 3 winters at least have been like this. The Knob did NOT have a 60 inch snow base this time last year. They weren’t even open yet! Luckily my blog can act like a history book and in going back three years I find myself complaining about the unseasonably warm weather around this time of year. So when do we raise the average temperature? I mean if you factor in the last 200 years worth of weather data to compute an average temperature we’ll all be dead of heat exhaustion before normal December temperatures are 50 flippin’ degrees. All I want is some snow. I feel like that really shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Stop being so greedy Denver!

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