Monday, December 18, 2006

It’s pretty funny. I’ve recently had numerous people approach me and inform me about the recall on the Nintendo Wii’s Wii-mote wrist strap. Most of these people found it entirely interesting (or idiotic) that I camped out the original eve for the Wii as word spread pretty quickly around The Workplace once certain people found out. Anywho since I gather many of my readers (Ha! As if I had many readers) are curious as to my take on the recall since I am a giant supporter and of course player of the Wii, here is my opinion.

The fact that Nintendo is doing this recall is very generous indeed. I don’t think Nintendo had ever anticipated people to actually try to throw a virtual baseball at 94 MPH or hit a tennis ball as ridiculously hard as possible. But people did because, well, basically people are idiots. Let me put it this simply. You don’t see companies recalling drinking glasses because people are stupid, get drunk and drop them on the floor to shatter into hundreds of pieces. Nor do you see companies recalling baseballs and footballs because some irresponsible children were playing catch way too close to the living room window. And the reason why you don’t see this is because we are all expected to have a certain degree of responsibility with the products that we use. Sure it’s loads of fun to throw Lawn Darts at your buddy but frankly it’s probably the stupidest thing you could do with them which is exactly why you can’t buy them anymore.

So here’s the down and dirty. I don’t plan on replacing my wrist straps because one, I don’t even have them attached to my Wii-mote, but two, I play my Wii like a civilized individual who has at least a very very basic respect for everything in my life. I’m not trying to prove to my buddies that my Mii can defy Nintendo programming and pitch a baseball faster than 94 mph, nor am trying to show my buddies up with lofting a bowling ball thru a virtual roof. It’s called common sense and just about everybody (especially gamers) has it, even blonds. Frankly I think all you idiots out there should be thankful that the Wii doesn’t get taken away from you like Lawn Darts, Sky Dancers or the Johnny Reb Cannon did1. And if you must, get yourself a wrist strap replacement to keep from breaking your $4000 TV. I’ll be continuing to play my Wii without the wrist strap because I don’t play like an out of control and utter maniac in need of a straight jacket and Ridalin.

1Lawn Darts, Sky Dancers and Johnny Reb Cannon are just 3 of the 10 most dangerous play things of all time. To read a full review of all ten of these toys (and you'll definitely want to read it), check out Pray for Coal: The 10 most dangerous play things of all time from Radar Magazine.

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DMM said...

People are stupid and from my line of work I could tell you stories that would make your jaw drop. Sueing big companies for the most stupidest things.