Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fo sizzle!It's no wonder why America is overweight these days. I just had dinner at Applebees two hours ago and apparently I took in a fantastic 1190 calories and 75.4 grams of fat from my steak entre1, and an unbelievable whopping 1086 calories and 56 grams of fat from my Sizzling Apple Pie desert2! That my friends is pure insanity! I would have to run for over 1.5 hours straight to work that crap off!! Throw in my two giant Mountain Dews and I have just eaten my entire allotment for the day as that is the typical 2500 calorie diet! And it looks like I'll be working those calories off while I lay in bed tonight. This sort of ruins my Friday Night . . .

1 Calorie-Count
2 Calorie-Count

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Anonymous said...

That is why I work out, so I can eat bad!!