Friday, April 15, 2005

I used to like my job. I used to look forward going to work everyday. Now, I just look forward to the evening meal and break. The concept of weekends has long been forgotten and the phrase of the decade is, "Just keep workin' at it; You'll get 'er." Well I don't really want to "Get 'er" anymore and all I want to do is enjoy my life again. When is enough enough? When do I just say, "That's it for me!" and walk away? Will people ever give in and just let Ashley and I do what we are paid to do? My mood has turned quite somber the past week or so as it appears that some people think putting in 16 hour days just isn't enough. I'm about all out of anything, including thoughts, words, and time. I'll be lucky if I can even spell my name by the end of next week if things keep going the way they're going. If that's the case, The Workplace will be lucky if they can keep me as an employee...What's tomorrow? Saturday? Why wouldn't I want to be at work by 6AM???

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