Thursday, April 21, 2005

Is it all over yet? After another excruciating 14-hour day yesterday, it was decided today to put the old control system back in the plant Ashley and I have been working at for the last month. What does this mean? It is unknown as of now. We may be back at Shippensburg for another two weeks, or we may be done until October or we just may be done period. I’m sure we’ll know more come tomorrow. All I do know is that there is no way in heck I am working this weekend. I am willing to accept all responsibility too on the outcome of me saying no. No matter what the price.

I can understand now how people in the world can lose it. I was driving to work today and got behind a school bus in a construction zone turning a 12-minute drive into a 25-minute drive. Not a huge deal usually but with all the frustrations that have built up in the last month I’ve been pretty darn close to snapping lately. But I kid you not. If I had any drop of insanity in me I would have driven that car of mine right off a cliff and ended it all right then. I’ve had visions of me ringing people’s necks and thought’s of how to make it all stop. It’s taken an awful lot for me to not give in to such temptations. It’s no wonder why there is such evil in this world when the world can cause the stress that it does. It’s still not an excuse to do such things, but it helps me to understand more how people can do what they do.

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Andy said...

You tell 'em, Captain! No weekend work for you. You should say, "You want it fixed this go fix it. I'll see you Monday morning. I don't need you b****, I'm on the Rubiks Cube team!"