Friday, April 22, 2005

So here's how Ashley and I see the next two weeks going. Monday will start off like the calm before the storm. Everything will seem great, but the storm will be swirling; lurking. This will be a storm like none other. RS plant will not be working by Monday like it was promised to be and Randy will be called in. Randy will lose it and pretty much go postal on a certain GW. Ashley and I will be working at Shippensburg attempting to get them ready for a state calibration by May 13. Of course, we'll be struggling to get weigh bridges and load cells to work within specs and be fighting off heads from that corporation. In the mean time, RS plant will still be down come end of next week and GW will be the center of all attention. Of course he'll try and cast blame on others and attempt to weasel his way out of any blame what so ever. Only this time, it's not going to happen and all heck will just break loose. There will be many people up in a huff arguing and trying to figure out how the heck to fix all of this. Ashley and I will continue to work in Shippensburg whilst hearing word from home via Randy who will be on the verge of quitting. We'll be getting pushed around like a baby carriage on a Sunday at Shippensburg plant attempting to still get those darn belt scales to work! Finally the two weeks will be up as RS plant will still be out of order, Shippensburg will work but numbers will need to be fudged for the state calibration to work, and a number of division heads will be up in arms with each other. Ashley, Randy and I will pull off what we need to but will be thoroughly depleted of all energy, insight and care. The storm will be over and Ashley and I will be back in the office with Randy trailing slightly behind. What other damage the storm will do is unknown as of late but the outcome cannot be pretty. The only thing Ashley and I have going for us is we are the only people it seems with the knowledge of the lurking storm. It may be some time before I am once again able to live some sort of life, but I'm sure that these next two weeks will be more than any single person should have to bare.

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