Monday, April 25, 2005

This weekend I was off work! No calls, no computers, and no code. So I played in the 17th Annual Summit Wallyball tournament in Altoona. It started Friday night and went into Sunday evening. I really dislike the sport of wallyball. You might assume that if one was good at volleyball, they would also be good at wallyball. Well that just isn't the case. My team consisted of 4 volleyball players...2 of them very good. However our team ended up with a record of 1 and 17! The only team we beat was another team soley made up of volleyball players. I really don't like that sport. The only benefit of the tournament was all the food you could eat and all the beer you could drink. For free! Sheetz sponsored our team so even our entry fee was paid for. Sunday evening the event was rapped up with a party at Zach's. Again, all the food and beer you could eat and drink at no price! There were even door prizes! In fact, there were so many door prizes that they were just throwing them around since everyone's name was already called. I walked away with a 2004 cheerleading t-shirt, a $40 gift certificate to The Knob, 3 flashy pins, a mini stopwatch, a stress ball, and a case of beer! The sport may not have been all that great, but the party was well worth it!.

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