Sunday, April 17, 2005

You know what drives me nuts (pun intended)? When people pull up to a stop sign, they see me coming down the road they wish to turn on in the direction that I am traveling. They come to a complete stop. Sit and wait a few seconds as if deciding whether or not they should pull in front of the silver Cavilier coming their way or not. And then when I am nearly ready to drive on past, they go ahead and pull out. This causes me to hit the brakes and get stuck behind some jerkface who refuses to go anything close to the speed limit. Now if the driver would have chosen to pull out when they first came to the stop and I was half a mile down the road, I wouldn't be as irritated. But no. They just sit there and wait so they can pull out right in front of me. What really caps my behind is when they then turn off the road another 100 yards after they pull out in front of me. If people haven't heard by now, they should know that the silver Cavalier with the Ski Good or Eat Wood bumper sticker is going to drive fast and does not want to slow down for stupid drivers who shouldn't be on the road.

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