Thursday, May 26, 2005

As we grow older we become...well...older. With that age comes more responsibility. Suddenly we are responsible for our own actions and our own destinies. All the different paths our lives could take are decided solely by us. Gone are the days when our parents watch out for us and direct us. Sure they still love us, but even they know our decisions are up to us and exclusively us. If we make bad decisions, only we are to be held responsible. We then are left to deal with the consequences of our actions. No longer is there someone to blame or someone to run to to kiss us and make it all better. However, we don't have to live our lives alone. For there will always be someone there to help us back on our feet and to help us move on. Another part of growing older is accepting the past for what it is and making the best of our future with what we have now.

The only problem with growing older is the truth we choose to deny: we never do.

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