Thursday, May 26, 2005

Okay, so maybe there were one or two not so great scenes in EP3, but I still stand by my claim that it rocked. Yeah there were some cool effects and lots of lightsaber battles (I don't see a problem with that) but the theme behind the movie and the message it portrays is so very ironic. As an avid Star Wars fan, I've known for quite some time how Anakin Skywalker physically becomes Darth Vader and that the Emperor was originally Senator Palpatine (I still get a kick out of people that didn't realize that back in EP1). Of course the transformation was only eluded a few times in the books, but it wasn't the sole premise of the movie. Love scenes in a sci-fi are always cheesy and even EP5 is no exception. A movie is only what you make of it. If you are looking for faults and holes you'll find them, but if you're there to experience the final episode of a brilliant saga, then you may just find something more exciting than you anticipated.

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