Saturday, June 11, 2005

Captain Jimmy's Bootleg Movie Review: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

So I have refused to read the book for the last 6 years based off the assumption that the novel was nothing more than a random number, er story generator. Author Dent is a lonely human on the planet Earth whose best friend, Ford Prefect, is a tripped out human looking alien. Foreshadowing the Earth's demise, Author's house is demolished to make way for a bypass thru the country side of what could only be England (leave it to the Brits to come up with a movie such as this). Author and Ford Hitchhike aboard a Vorg Construction spaceship to save their lives and find themselves for the rest of the movie searching for The Ultimate Question to which the answer is 42. Random enough for you yet? Don't worry. It gets better. There's a depressed robot, a two headed galactic president who kidnaps himself and giant super computer that likes to watch cartoons. The movie takes you thru worlds and ideas that very few people have even remotely tried to fathom. What's more, there's a love story taking place while all this strangeness is going on as well. If it is true that what makes us humans unique is our creativity and imagination, then this movie is a true testament to that idea. Make sure you're in the mood for an off the wall cinematic event that will involve typical British humor, not to mention a number of whacked out concepts and creations. Despite the incorrect answer to the ultimate question, I give the movie An Interdimensional Journey More Fun Than Morphing Into a Sofa.

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