Thursday, June 02, 2005

Have I ever told this story before? Let's say you could somehow flag every single atom in a full grass of water. Then you take that full glass and dump the water in the ocean. Do like the Soup Nazi says, "Come back; one year!" This will give the atoms time to disperse throughout the ocean. Fill the same glass up with a scoop of water from the ocean. It is guaranteed that at least one atom of the water in the glass will be flagged from the original glass you filled up a year prior. Why is this? Well there are as many atoms in a glass of water as there are glasses of water in the ocean. Rap your mind around that one for a few minutes. That's one mole of a tale isn't it? That sort of stuff just Boyles my mind!


Anonymous said...

Love it, JR. I laughed out loud at the last sentence! UB

Andy said...

That's quite the guarantee. Maybe you should mention how many unstated assumptions you had to make in order to have confidence in your guarantee, Mr. Smartypants.