Monday, June 13, 2005

Rap your noggin around this one. Take a gander at the picture at the beginning of this entry. What you are looking at is a picture of Swimways Deluxe Dive Buddies. They are dive sticks that you toss into a pool, and then jump in to get them. The following is a recall statement from the government ( pertaining to said product. The product description is as follows:

The dive sticks are soft plastic tubes that have character heads and feet. The characters are a yellow seahorse, a green and purple walrus, a red and blue underwater diver, and a blue shark. The dive sticks are about 7.5 inches long and an inch in diameter. When dropped into water, they sink to the bottom of a pool and stand upright so children can swim or dive down and retrieve them. There is no writing on the products except numbers located on the backs that represent the dive stick├é’s point value. The cardboard-backed packaging shows a photo of fish and coral in an underwater scene. Writing on the packaging includes "“Swim Ways,"” "“Deluxe Dive Buddies" and "Made in China."”

The reason for the recall? How about this: Children can fall or land on these dive sticks in shallow water and may suffer impalement injuries.

Let's put two and two together here. Soft plastic tubes --> suffer impalement injuries. Am I missing something here? Is there anything kids can play with these days? I'm surprised pennies haven't been recalled. Heck a kid could dive down, pick one up from the bottom of the pool and swallow it!

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Andy said...

How are they different than any other dive sticks? Does that mean that they're all dangerous? Oh my - if only I'd known that I was in grave danger when we used to play with them at swimming lessons!