Monday, June 06, 2005

Captain Jimmy's Bootleg Movie Review: Team America World Police

Oh my...Where to even start...Well let's start at the beginning shall we. Unless you are mildly disturbed, you are going to need to throw back a few before watching this movie to find it funny. I was given a warning about such so I took the advance and I am quite thankful I did. Let's face it, the movie's actors/actresses are puppets. You know, those wooden dudes with the strings attached to them. Forgetting about the sex scene (yeah puppet sex) and the puke scene (apparently puppets can do that too) the movie just pretty much made fun of everything and everyone. If you at all find anything offensive, this is not a movie for you. The songs that are sung throughout the movie may just be the most humorous parts of the whole piece. I'm not even going to repeat the lyrics here as I know they will offend people. Basically this review is going to stink because if I say anything about the movie, it's going to offend someone. Which is why you may want a drink or two before seeing the movie. Somehow there was an underlying 90210 theme where everybody liked everybody else, but they weren't going to say anything, but keep in mind...These are puppets I'm talking about. Lots of blood and decapitation too. I didn't know puppets could bleed. Due to my slightly mind altered state I'm giving the movie a rating of More humorous than a drunk guy singing, but perhaps more obnoxious.

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